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Malvern Theatre Company Inc.
10-Nov-2019 at 07:30PM
11-Nov-2019 at 07:30PM

14 Feb 2020 to 29 Feb 2020


Crown Matrimonial

Author: Royce Ryton

Director: Nick Opolski

Enquiries: 0400507788

Characters Summary: 3M 35 -75
4 F 30 - 45

Characters: Queens Page 60+ ( Small role )
King Edward V111 ( David) 35 to 45
The Duchess of Gloucester ( Alice ) ( small role ) 30 to 40
The Princess Royal ( Mary ) 35 to 45
The Duchess of York ( Elizabeth) 35 to 45
The Duke of York ( Bertie) 35 to 45

Precast Characters: Queen Mary
Walter Monkton
Lady Margaret Wyndham
Mabell, Countess of Airlie

Audition Venue: Malvern Theatre
29 Burke Rd East Malvern

Theatre: Malvern Theatre
29 Burke Rd East Malvern

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: Set in Marlborough House between 1936 and 1945the play focuses on the private family drama of the Royal Family leading up to the constitutional crisis and abdication of Edward V111.

Malvern Theatre Company Inc.
10-Nov-2019 at 07:30PM
11-Nov-2019 at 07:30PM

14 Feb 2020 to 29 Feb 2020



Author: Royce Ryton

Director: Nicholas Opolski


Characters Summary: 3M(2x35-45,1x60+) 3F(1x30-40,2x35-45)

Characters: Queens Page (John): 60+, Small Role.
King Edward VIII: 35 to 45, Later Duke of Windsor.
Princess Royal (Mary): 35 to 45, Sister of Edward VIII.
Duchess of Gloucester (Alice): 30 to 40, Sister in Law to Edward VIII.
Duke of York (Bertie): 35 to 45, Younger brother and heir to Edward VIII, later George VI.
Duchess of York (Elizabeth): 35 to 45.

Precast Characters: Queen Mary,
Edward Monkton KC and Mabel,
Countess of Airlie and Lady Margaret Wyndham

Audition Venue: Malvern Theatre, 29 Burke Road, East Malvern

Theatre: Malvern Theatre, 29 Burke Road, East Malvern

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: Set in between 1936 and 1945 this two-act play focuses on the private family drama of Edward VIII and the Royal Family leading up to the major constitutional crisis and ultimate abdication of the King.

Other Information: Please note that the roles of Queen Mary, Edward Monkton KC and Mabel, Countess of Airlie and Lady Margaret Wyndham have been precast.

Off The Leash Theatre Inc.
13-Nov-2019 at 07:30PM

26 Mar to 04 Apr


Rabbit Hole

Author: David Lindsay-Abair

Director: Annette O'Shea

Enquiries: 0409899622

Characters Summary: 2M(35-50, 16-20), 3F(35-45, 25-35, 55+)

Characters: Becca—a grieving mother in her late thirties or early forties.
Tough and uncompromising, she cannot tolerate insincerity or impracticality.

Howie—Becca’s husband in his late thirties or early forties.
A patient man who specialises in pretending everything is fine.

Izzy—Becca’s younger sister, in her late twenties or early thirties.
A perennial party girl who never grew up, Izzy is still trying to find herself.

Nat—Becca and Izzy’s mother, an opinionated alcoholic with a knack for sticking her foot in her mouth.

Jason—an awkward and nerdy eighteen-year-old boy who accidentally killed Becca and Howie’s son when the little boy ran in front of his car.

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: the Dog Box (Rear of Warragul Municipal Band Room, Albert Street, Warragul).

Theatre: TBA

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: Becca and Howie Corbett have a picture perfect family life in the suburbs of New York until a random, tragic accident takes the life of their four-year old son. Soon after, Becca’s younger, irresponsible sister, Izzy, announces that she is pregnant: there will now be a new child in the family. As Becca and Howie grow apart, Becca’s mother, Nat, badgers Becca about her grieving process, and Jason, the young driver who killed their son, continually shows up to ask forgiveness, the group is on a bumpy road to healing with no road map in sight. Rabbit Hole delves into the complexity of a family navigating deep grief, and learning what it means to live a fruitful life when things fall apart.

The Mount Players
16-Nov-2019 at 10:00AM
17-Nov-2019 at 10:00AM

21 Feb 2020 to 08 Mar 2020



Author: Joanna Murray-Smith

Director: Lee Cook

Enquiries: 0407103455

Characters Summary: 1M (18-25), IF(50-65)

Characters: Patricia Highsmith
Fiercely intelligent and highly critical of everything, Patricia Highsmith is a force to be reckoned with. Equal parts brutal and brilliant she burns everything and everyone before her with her caustic tongue and gleefully indulges in a dark, sinister streak. Fiercely protective of her privacy she has lived in seclusion for 20 years. Based on real-life author Patricia Highsmith the role requires a reasonable physical resemblance.
Females, aged 50 to 65
 Accents: USA California
 Hair color: Black, Brown, Grey

Edward Ridgeway/Tom Ripley
Edward Ridgeway is a green, mild-mannered young man potentially out of his depth. He is desperate to succeed in his quest to wrangle another Ripley novel out of Highsmith and displays just enough intelligence, creativity and charisma to gain her favour.

Tom Ripley is a suave, agreeable and utterly amoral con artist and serial killer. Sexually ambiguous and sophisticated, Ripley is a connoisseur of the arts of life and the refinements of sensual pleasures. Devoid of conscience.
Males, aged 18 to 25
 Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
 Accents: USA California, USA New York

Audition Venue: Mountview Theatre, 56 Smith Street, Macedon

Theatre: Mountview Theatre, 56 Smith Street, Macedon

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: Switzerland is a metaphysical thriller set in the secluded home of Patricia Highsmith, famous author of the Tom Ripley novels. When meek and mild Edward Ridgeway is sent by Highsmith's publisher to coax a new Ripley novel out of her, Patricia takes him in in spite of her usual reservations. As the two of them begin to flesh out the new book a power struggle plays out between them as Edward slowly transforms into the sharp, charismatic and deadly Tom Ripley and a game of cat and mouse between author and creation ensues.

Written by Australian playwright Joanna Murray Smith, Switzerland is a play that blends reality and fiction and explores the plight of the author struggling to stand outside the shadow of their most famous creation.

Directed by Lee Cook, Switzerland is the first production for The Mount Players (Macedon) 2020 season.

Other Information: For further information, please contact
Lee (Director) Mob 0444 513 344
David (Producer) Mob 0407 103 455

The 1812 Theatre
17-Nov-2019 at 07:00PM

To Be Advised


And Then There Were None

Author: Agatha Christie

Director: John Mills

Enquiries: 03 9752 1941

Characters Summary: 8M (30's - 70's)
3F (20's - 60's)

Characters: Rogers; 35-45-Not a butler but a house-parlour man. Quick and deft, competent, a trifle shifty.
Narracot; 40-65-Sea salt, preferably with country accent.
Mrs Rogers; 35-45-Thin, worried, frightened-looking.
Vera Claythorne; 23-32-Competent.
Philip Lombard; 30’s-An adventurer.
Anthony Marston; 20’s-Rich, spoiled, not very intelligent.
William Blore; 40-55-Thick-set, South African gold magnate, eyes dart about taking note of everything.
General Mackenzie; 50-60-Upright, soldierly, gentle tired face.
Emily Brent;40-60-Tall thin spinster, disagreeable, suspicious.
Sir Lawrence Wargrave; 60-70-Judge, quietly assured.
Dr. Armstrong; 40-50-Fussy, tired, moves slowly.

Audition Venue: The 1812 Theatre
3-5 Rose Street
Upper Ferntree Gully 3156

Theatre: The 1812 Theatre
3-5 Rose Street
Upper Ferntree Gully 3156

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: Ten strangers arrive on an island invited by an unknown host. Each of them has a secret to hide and a crime for which they must pay.

Other Information: Season-May 14th - June 6th 2020
Rehearsals-March 2020

Beaumaris Theatre Inc.
17-Nov-2019 at 09:00AM

To Be Advised

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They Came From Mars and Landed Outside the Farndale Avenue Church

Author: David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin Jr.

Director: Robyn Morris


Characters Summary: 4 F 20-50 1 M 20-30

Characters: Character descriptions -

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: Beaumaris Theatre 82 Wells Rd Beaumaris

Theatre: Beaumaris Theatre 82 Wells Rd Beaumaris

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: The Farndale Avenue Ladies are performing the story of a Martian who wants to steal the newly invented Roberta the Robot in order to learn the secrets of macrame. Trouble is, the actress playing the robot has been accidentally dosed up with a handful of Valium , the lady playing the leading man is stuck in the toilet with the runs and everyone is having trouble with their lines. So awful, it’s funny!

Williamstown Little Theatre Inc.
17-Nov-2019 at 02:00PM
18-Nov-2019 at 07:30PM

12 Feb 2020 to 29 Feb 2020

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The Last Romance

Author: Joe DiPietro

Director: Keith Hutton

Enquiries: 0430 032 332 or

Characters Summary: 2M (70s; 20s) 2 F (60s/70s)

Characters: RALPH BELLINI – An elderly man, but vigorous, flirtatious and full of life with a sharp wit. The actor needs to portray a man in his 70’s or 80’s, but could himself be younger if that works. This is the lead role that requires an experienced actor with excellent presence, stagecraft and timing. Italian/New Jersey accent required.

ROSE TAGLIATELLE – The younger, single sister with whom Ralph lives. Dominating, selfish, manipulative and bitter. Aged in her 60’s to 70’s and some 5 to 10 years younger than Ralph. Italian/New Jersey accent required

CAROL REYNOLDS – The ‘love’ interest for Ralph. She is well-presented and proper. Aged in her 60’s to 70’s. New Jersey or generic American accent required (To be decided)

YOUNG MAN – aged early 20s. He is Ralph’s younger self and appears throughout the play singing short segments from approximately nine operatic arias. This is a specialist role for a young, trained singer with the ability to sing convincing Italian and French opera. Voice range: Baritone. *** NOTE Applicants for this role will be auditioned separately at a time and date TBA.

Precast Characters: none

Audition Venue: Williamstown Little Theatre,
2 - 4 Albert Street, Williamstown

Theatre: Williamstown Little Theatre,
2 - 4 Albert Street, Williamstown

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: Set in Hoboken, New Jersey, the play is built around Ralph Bellini’s pursuit of romance, his search for emotional escape from the constricting life he leads as a widower sharing a small apartment with his selfish, bitter sister Rose, whose husband left her 22 years ago. She never got over it and, being Catholic, refused to divorce. Ralph is a frustrated opera singer who yearns to bring into his daily life some of the grand passions he once imagined enacting on the stage. And he cherishes the memories of the performances he has attended at the Metropolitan Opera in Manhattan, a temple of romance lying just across the Hudson—a shrine where he could experience those passions vicariously.

But those trips to the opera with his late wife were few, and now lie long in the past. The
present for Ralph is Hoboken and his Italian-American community—a world that both nurtures and constrains him. His dreams only come to life on the stage of the Met in Manhattan—which he can rarely afford to visit—but his reality is defined by the hemmed-in dog-run in which he walks each day, until he meets someone…

Other Information: Auditions are by appointment only, with the Director. Relevant audition pieces will be announced shortly. There is no requirement to learn the audition pieces, but it will be expected you have read the entire play and be very familiar with your audition pieces.

Please allow time to find a parking space, as this can be very tight around the theatre at times.

For an audition appointment, to make enquiries, and for information about a script, please contact Keith Hutton: phone 0430 032 332 or e-mail

PLEASE NOTE: It is a requirement when attending your audition to bring with you a completed Audition Form downloaded from and a non-returnable photograph with your name on the back.

Before auditioning, please ensure that you will be, if successful, fully available for all scheduled rehearsals and performances. However if you have a commitment affecting one of the proposed rehearsals, please advise the Director at the time of auditioning, and wherever possible, it will be accommodated.
There will be 16 performances; evenings at 8.15 pm and Sundays at 5.00 pm. The season dates dates are : February 12 to 29 .
At this stage, rehearsals will be held on Sundays at 2pm and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm. They will commence on Sunday 1st December with a full read-through. The final rehearsal before Christmas will be Thursday 19th December. Rehearsals will resume on Sunday 5th January 2020.

Strathmore Theatre Arts Group
17-Nov-2019 at 11:00AM
18-Nov-2019 at 07:00PM

20 Feb 2020 to 29 Feb 2020


Fool for Love

Author: Sam Shepard

Director: Reschelle O'Connor

Enquiries: 0416004319 or

Characters Summary: 1F (early 20-35) 3M (20-60)
Ages are indicative only – actors’ true age may be different so long as they look suitably aged for the role i.e. two leads must be able to portray former lovers over a fifteen-year period, Old Man must look significantly older than other male characters.

Characters: American accents required
Eddie (late 30s) A rodeo stuntman with violent tendencies, and mysterious charm that attracts women including a fifteen-year turbulent relationship with May. A multi-dimensional character and physically demanding role.
May (early 30s) Ex-lover of Eddie, fiery and vulnerable. This role is physically and emotionally demanding.
Old Man (50+) a whiskey drinking patriarch who exists in the imagination of Eddie & May, offering important context in the form of outsider commentary but with insider perspective.
Martin (early 30s) easy going maintenance man and May’s current love interest.

Precast Characters: none

Audition Venue: STAG corner of Loeman and Napier Sts, Strathmore

Theatre: STAG corner of Loeman and Napier Sts, Strathmore

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: A dark story about two former lovers who reunite in a cheap hotel room in the Mojave Desert. Eddie is a transient presence in and out of May’s life and together they represent a co-dependent, toxic yet magnetic pair sorting through the emotional tumult of their lives in a constant power struggle. The old man contributes to their story from an insider’s perspective while Martin witnesses the story unfold without means to stop it.
Sam Shepard’s Fool For Love was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and was written during Shepard’s own personal struggles with relationships.

Other Information: This is a dramatic piece which contains some strong physical movements and actors will need to be comfortable being physical with each other. Selections will be based on suitability for the role and balance with other selected cast members.
Audition pieces will be advised upon booking an audition time and you may be required to read with other actors. Bookings are essential to assist with scheduling enough actors to read relevant scenes together. Please contact the Director to book an audition time.
Rehearsals will begin in December and will break during Christmas/New Year. Actors must be available again from early January when rehearsal will recommence. Rehearsals will be three times per week – two week nights (days agreed based on cast availability) and Sundays mid-late afternoon.
Contact the director for a perusal copy of the script

Heidelberg Theatre Co.
24-Nov-2019 at 06:00PM
25-Nov-2019 at 07:00PM

24 Apr 2020 to 09 May 2020



Author: Joanna Murray-Smith

Director: Tim Scott


Characters Summary: 3F(late30s-mid40s); 1M(40s)

Characters: • Bonnie (Female, playing early to mid 40s): partner of Annie; for much of the play, she is the more dominant in their relationship; dismissive of jargon and determinedly rational until certainties start to shift around her
• Annie (Female, playing mid to late 30s): partner of Bonnie; the youngest of the four: she can become agitated at times; accustomed to following Bonnie’s lead but gradually looking to become more independent and in control of their relationship
• Tess (playing early to mid 40s): wife to Curtis: it is she who initiates the move to split; likes to see herself at the centre of things but is not prepared for the consequences of her decision
• Curtis (playing 40s): husband to Tess; it is clear at first that he doesn’t want to split but then he starts looking beyond their marriage; defends Tess over her decision but later goes on the attack as he gains new confidence

Precast Characters: none

Audition Venue: 36 Turnham Ave. Rosanna, Vic (adjacent to Rosanna Railway Station)

Theatre: 36 Turnham Ave. Rosanna, Vic

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: Two couples, one gay, one straight, have shared their lives together for twenty years. Now Tess and Curtis, the straight, married couple, have decided to separate. But their friends, Bonnie and Annie, are devastated. What now for their twenty years of shared experiences, at home and on holiday?

Wildly funny, but also deeply serious, this recent play from Melbourne-based Murray-Smith examines the nature of friendship and relationships and reveals how easily those things can shatter when situations change.

"Three Little Words" is a beautifully written play, set in contemporary Australia. It is about love and friendship and what follows when relationships begin to fracture.

Other Information: • Accents: all characters use Australian accents
• To register for an audition, please email the director ( In your email, please nominate the session you wish to attend (see page 1) and the part(s) you are interested in auditioning for.
• We request that each auditionee include a named, recent photo (passport-size is ideal) in the email with your audition form, or when you attend the audition.
• Rehearsals are planned to being on March 1 and be held on Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
• The full audition notice is available
• For queries, including arranging for a perusal copy of the script, contact the Director:

Eltham Little Theatre Inc.
25-Nov-2019 at 07:30PM
26-Nov-2019 at 07:30PM

To Be Advised

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The Sum of Us

Author: David Stevens

Director: Samuel Chappel

Enquiries: 0434 413 595

Characters Summary: M 45+ , M 18+, M18+,F40+

Characters: Harry (Dad) Male 45+, affably inappropriate
Jeff (Son) Male 18+, chip off the old block
Greg Male 18+, a gardener, Jeff’s love interest
Joyce Female, 40+, a divorcee, Harry’s love interest

Precast Characters: Nil

Audition Venue: Eltham Performing Arts Centre
1603 Main Rd, Research Victoria 3095

Theatre: Eltham Performing Arts Centre
1603 Main Rd, Research Victoria 3095

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: Set in Footscray in the late 80s, this heart-warming and humorous play explores the relationship between an aging widower and his gay son. After meeting in a local pub, Jeff and a young gardener, Greg, hit it off and begin to date. When he meets Jeff’s remarkably accepting Dad, Greg begins to back off. Meanwhile, Dad also has a new flame: a woman he met through a dating service. Put off by Jeff’s homosexuality, prosaic Joyce, too, pulls away, just before Dad suffers a stroke.


Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre Co.Inc.
25-Nov-2019 at 07:00PM
26-Nov-2019 at 07:00PM

05 Mar 2020 to 21 Mar 2020


The Full Monty

Author: Simon Beaufoy

Director: Katie-Jane Amey

Enquiries: Katie-Jane Amey at,

Characters Summary: 10M (25-50)
1M (10-14)
4F (30-40)

Characters: GAZ * 30-40. An unemployed steel worker. A complex emotional character with serious heart and charisma, and genuine tenderness for his son – a regular guy. A bit rough around the edges but with a lot of depth to his character. A regular guy who wants to do right by his son.

DAVE * 30-40. An unemployed steel worker. He struggles with unemployment and its effect on his marriage. A lovable, good-natured soul, with body weight and self-esteem issues. Having a very hard time adjusting to his stay-home-husband status. Must be comfortable enough with your belly to proudly wield it in all its glory.

GERALD * 35-65. An unemployed steel works supervisor. He is a doting, prideful husband who is determined to keep his wife in upper middle class luxury – in spite of 6 months of secret unemployment. Aloof at first, his dance skills are what finally, and arduously, brings the group's dancing alive. Goes along with Jerry's plan in order to keep up his cover.

LOMPER * 25-40. Security guard for abandoned steel mill. Still lives at home and cares for his elderly mother. Lonely, quiet, awkward and uncertain. He enters the show in a dark way but grows in confidence as his new friends help him along, and develops feelings for Guy.

HORSE * 50+. Originally cast as ethnically/racially different from the other Monty men. Seemingly, his “break-dancing” days are over… until he breaks out. Gentle demeanour and excellent mover with great dead-pan comedy.

GUY * 25-40. The embodiment of virile male potential. Confident, outspoken and aware of his own attractiveness. Develops feelings for Lomper.

NATHAN “10 years old going on forty”. Can be an older/teen actor with playing age approx. 8-12 years. Gaz's young son. Nathan can be stoic, sincere, and charming, but ultimately real as he deals with his parents' custody battle. Hangs around most of the Monty Men's rehearsals so he witnesses many adult things. Has one swear word. Please note - Parents should familiarise themselves with the script and its content before booking an audition for their child.

ALAN & OTHERS - Alan is the manager of the Bar where the Monty Men perform. Will also play other roles.

BARRY & OTHERS - Barry is Mandy's fiancée; the opposite of Gaz– clean-cut, well-off. Will also play Brian the Job Club Manager and other roles.

ALF & OTHERS - Alf is an unemployed man who attends the Job Club with the Monty Men. Will also play other roles.

TERRY & OTHERS - Terry is an unemployed man who attends the Job Club with the Monty Men. Will also play other roles.

MANDY & OTHERS - 30-40. Gaz's estranged wife and Barry's fiancée. In some ways Mandy has become a realist. She earnestly wants Jerry to be an active parent for Nathan, but wrestles with strong reservations about his character and her own lingering feelings for him. Will also play other roles.

JEAN & OTHERS - 30-40. A warm, down-to-earth soul that isn't afraid to kick up her heels. Believes in hard work and hard play. Her reality comes in dealing with her hubby's struggles and trying to hold her marriage together. Will also play Guy’s sister Michelle and other roles.

LINDA & OTHERS - 30-60. Married to Gerald. Charming and energetic, She has a taste for the finer things but in reality, the finest thing in her eyes is Gerald. Flamboyant on the surface, her love and understanding are real. Classy, but easily one of the girls. Ideally able to dance (foxtrot, etc). Will also play Jean’s friend Bee and other roles.

SHARON & OTHERS - 30-40. Jean’s friend. Out for a good time and ultimately supportive of the men and their goal. Will also play other roles.

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: The Athenaeum Theatre Lilydale - Castella Street Lilydale.

Theatre: The Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre - Castella Street Lilydale

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: Based on the 1997 British film of the same name, this non-musical version is also set in Sheffield, UK. Six unemployed, working class men decide to do a one-time-only striptease to outdo a touring male strip show and make some desperately needed money. But The Full Monty is not really about stripping; it’s a hilarious and heart-warming story about self-worth, dignity, honesty, authenticity and courage, as these men confront their fears of inadequacy, their insecurities and their failure to provide for their families. And it’s about the women in their lives who love them and cheer them on.

Other Information: Casting note:
*If you are auditioning for Gaz, Dave, Gerald, Lomper, Horse, or Guy, you need to be comfortable enough to perform on stage in your underwear. Will we go The Full Monty? Auditionees for these roles should be prepared to do so and agree to such to be considered for these roles. Trust is a key word for our production – you will be taken care of respectfully and our final moment will be powerful. You will not need to undress at auditions.
With the exception of Nathan, all actors auditioning must be 18+ by the time rehearsals begin.