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Powderkeg Players
04-Apr-2018 at 07:30PM
08-Apr-2018 at 04:00PM

To Be Advised



Author: Patricia Cornelius

Director: Natasha Boyd

Enquiries: N/A

Characters Summary: Available upon inquiry with director.

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: Dempster Park Hall
82 Phoenix Street North Sunshine

Theatre: Dempster Park Hall
82 Phoenix Street North Sunshine

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: This 45 min play focuses on the central character 'Lolita' and a chorus of young women who watch her rise and her final devastating fall.

Other Information: Play to be performed in short one act season at Powederkeg Players in Sunshine. This will also be our inaugural entry onto the One Act Play Festival circuit around Victoria in 2018.
For more information about the play, or to book your audition contact Natasha directly on email or by the Powderkeg Players Facebook Page

Powderkeg Players
04-Apr-2018 at 07:30PM
08-Apr-2018 at 04:00PM

29 Jun 2018 to 30 Jun 2018

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Slut (one act play 50 minutes)

Author: Patricia Cornelius

Director: Natasha Boyd

Enquiries: 0413 188 513

Characters Summary: 5 W (20s-30s)

Characters: 1 role is Lolita (effectively the 'slut') plus 4 others work as a Greek chorus with interchanging/cross cutting words/sentences, a great acting challenge and similar to my 2009 OAP entry What's the Matter with MaryJane?
CAST AGE: approx. to look mid 20s-early 30s - need to look like you went to school together - nationality is irrelevant and open to all.

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: Dempster Park Hall, 82 Phoenix St Sunshine, VICTORIA

Theatre: Dempster Park Hall, 82 Phoenix St Sunshine, VICTORIA

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: Slut is a play with a central character, Lolita, and a chorus of young women who watch her rise and final devastating fall. Only girls get called sluts. No, sometimes boys get called sluts but it’s like the biggest compliment. And sometimes girls try to own it. A girl might say, ‘Yeah, I’m a slut, and I love it.’ But in the end she’ll be worn down by it. It’s a no-win situation to be a slut no matter how much a girl thinks her life’s her own and she can do whatever she wants. A slut’s a slut. One young woman described it as being like a bag to piss in. Lolita is the queen of sluts. And she puts in an almighty fight to maintain her reign. Eventually she is hauled mercilessly from her throne.

Other Information: PERFORMANCE DATES: Performance in total: FIVE (2 at Sunshine and 3 at various festival locations) Friday 29th June and Saturday 30th June followed by 3 One Act Play festivals. These occur on Saturday or Sunday. We can put in a preference for which day and session (morning, afternoon, night) but this is not a guarantee so flexibility and weekend availability for all festivals is a MUST.
Macedon Sat 7th / Sun 8th July
Dandenong (held at Gemco) Sat 21st / Sun 22nd July
Famda (Foster) Sat 25th /Sun 26th Aug

Hartwell Players Inc.
15-Apr-2018 at 02:00PM

04 Jul 2018 to 08 Jul 2018


Lobster Man

Author: Jonathan Cook

Director: Kellie Tweeddale

Enquiries: 0418118241

Characters: Mark
20's - 30's. Very protective of Christa and in constant pursuit of a cure for her sickness

20's. Artist with child-like personality. She is of normal intelligence but looks at things from a different point of view. She suffers from unexplainable headaches.

Lobster Man #1
Any gender of any age. Wears a mask and doesn't speak. Should be of similar build to Lobster Man #2 as they are technically the same character played by two different actors. Whilst you don't technically need to be able to dance, having confidence to move smoothly around the stage would be of benefit.

Lobster Man #2
Identical to Lobster Man #1

Precast Characters: none

Audition Venue: BDC Dance Studio
11/15 Yertchuk Ave, Ashwood VIC

Theatre: Ashwood Secondary College PAC

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: Mark and Christa are trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, feeling certain that they are the last two people on the planet. That reality is shattered when a stranger arrives and Mark is faced with the bizarre fact that this visitor is someone he created in a fairy-tale he told to Christa earlier that day.

Other Information: * American Accents required

Encore Theatre Inc.
15-Apr-2018 at 02:30PM
16-Apr-2018 at 07:30PM

13 Jul 2018 to 28 Jul

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The Weekend

Author: Michael Palin

Director: Dexter Bourke

Enquiries: Bookings essential for audition time via the Director - or 0411 287 043

Characters Summary: 5F (50s-60s, 30s, teen-20s, 50s, 50s-70s)
4M (2x 60s, 60s-70s, 40s-60s)

Characters: Stephen Febble (Retired): 60s
Virginia Febble (Stephen’s wife): late 50s - early 60s
Diana (Stephen & Virginia’s daughter): 30s
Alan (Diana’s husband): 40s - 60s
Charlotte (Diana & Alan’s daughter): mid-to-late teens - early 20s
Duff Gardener (The Febbles’ neighbour): 60s
Bridget Gardener (Duff’s wife): 50s
Hugh Bedales (A society chiropodist): 60s - 70s
Mrs. Finlay (A Marxist cleaning lady): 50s - 70s

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: Fleigner Hall
31 – 39 Highland Ave
Oakleigh East VIC 3166

Theatre: Clayton Community Centre
9 – 15 Cooke Street
Clayton VIC 3168

Company Website:

Synopsis: Faced with a family gathering, world-weary Stephen Febble does his best to be difficult. When his daughter, her dreary husband Alan, their precocious child and their incontinent dog come to stay for the weekend, it’s enough to make him reach for the whisky, and the sarcasm. The climax arrives on Saturday night when his patient wife Virginia has organised a dinner party for not only the family, but neighbour Duff & his wife Bridget who also invites her ‘Society Chiropodist’, the smooth-talking Hugh Bedales.

Described as “comedy with teeth”, Michael Palin has given much to laugh at but it’s also a play with
an element of black humour as well as surprising revelations of emotion. It provides straight
comedic entertainment but also has a poignancy that gives the script depth and heart.

Other Information: British accents are expected, ages are a guide only.

Auditions are by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please apply to organise your audition time and for any further information.

Rehearsals will be three times a week – on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday - but some negotiation may be possible.

17-Apr-2018 at 07:30PM

06 Jul 2018 to 14 Jul 2018

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The ARKadian Authentic All-Women Old Time Music Hall - Revisited

Author: Colin Mockett

Director: Fiona Carter

Enquiries: 0409 355 000

Characters Summary: 4F and 1M required

Precast Characters: 4F and 1M already cast

Audition Venue: LHCPAC (Lilydale Heights College Performing Arts Centre)
17 Nelson Road, Lilydale 3140 (Mel. 38:C7)
Enter through Gate 2

Theatre: Same as for Auditions

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: It is 1918 - a time when women provide Music Hall entertainment while the lads are away at war.

In April 2016, we were treated to the old-fashioned musical and on-stage shenanigans of the ARKadian Authentic All-Woman Old Time Music Hall.
In 2018, the fun continues with another original Show - more toe-tapping, old fashioned entertainment featuring an All-Woman cast ... maybe with a few gentlemen thrown in?

Other Information: Auditionees are asked to prepare a song and to bring along music (there will be a pianist, Brooklyn Cullen) and to be prepared to sing unaccompanied if requested.
Experience is preferred, but not essential.

To book in for an Audition, or for further information regarding the Production, please contact the Director, Fiona Carter, on 0409 355 000.

Expected Commitment:
Rehearsals to start on Sunday 22 April.
Rehearsals will be conducted on Sundays (7:00pm - 10:00pm) in Mt Evelyn; and Tuesdays and Thursdays (7:30pm - 10:00pm) in Lilydale.

Williamstown Little Theatre Inc.
22-Apr-2018 at 07:30PM
23-Apr-2018 at 07:30PM

28 Jun 2018 to 14 Jul 2018

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Under Milk Wood

Author: Dylan Thomas

Director: Sandy Green


Characters Summary: ensemble of about 8 actors

Characters: There are over 60 characters: the 8 actors will play all the roles, most of which require Welsh accent.

Director will be looking for versatility in character and voices.

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: Williamstown Little Theatre
2 Albert Street, Williamstown 3016

Theatre: Williamstown Little Theatre
2 Albert Street, Williamstown 3016

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: 'Under Milk Wood' was originally written as a ‘Radio Play for Voices’ and this is how I have always wanted to produce it. This is a beautiful play that tells the story of a day in the life of a small Welsh village called Llareggub (read it backwards!), full of wonderful characters, bawdy, funny and poignant.

Other Information: This production will be performed by an ensemble. Welsh accent will be worked on during rehearsals. Auditions will not take the usual style as everyone will be required to read various roles in the play. Contact director with enquiries about the production, auditions or obtaining a script:
• bring completed audition form downloaded from, plus non returnable headshot.
•WLT is a community theatre, actors are not paid.


Beaumaris Theatre Inc.
22-Apr-2018 at 02:30PM
24-Apr-2018 at 07:00PM

17 Aug 2018 to 01 Sep 2018



Author: Alistair Faulkner

Director: Barbara Crawford

Enquiries: or 0414 881 844

Characters Summary: 4 F ( 19- 50's) 3 M (20-50's)

Characters: Rose An old woman in her 90s.
Young Rose Rose as a young woman 19-30
Father Rose's father 50+
Doctor Davies A local GP 50+
Mother Rose's mother 50+
Matron Matron at the nursing home 50+
Edward. An officer 20’s-30’s
Bridget. A nurse 20’s-30’s
Peter A male nurse 20’s-30’s
James Rose's elder brother, 20’s – 30’s
The roles of Father /Doctor, James / Peter, Matron /Mother are doubled

Precast Characters: Rose at 90

Audition Venue: Beaumaris Theatre

82 Wells Rd Beaumaris

Theatre: Beaumaris Theatre
82 Wells Rd Beaumaris

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: Rose is a charming and dignified old maiden lady, who, after many years of being on her own, is living out her twilight years in a country nursing home which has strong links to her younger days.
As Rose's health declines, past and present in her mind begin to melt into one. She recalls vivid memories of the Great War and we learn something of her family life, her time as an ambulance driver, her love for a young Flying Corps pilot and the heroic exploits of her Flying Corps ‘Ace’ brother, through several flash-back scenes. The flash-backs highlight the very different attitudes to life and romance which separate the two generations of young people.
Other information: English accents required, not necessarily the ones indicated in the script.