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Malvern Theatre Company Inc.
01-Jul-2018 at 01:30PM
02-Jul-2018 at 07:30PM

24 Aug 2018 to 08 Sep 2018

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Author: Sarah Ruhl

Director: Bruce Cochrane

Enquiries: 0423 347 960 or at

Characters Summary: 2M(30-40), 4F(2x30-40, 40, 50-60)

Characters: JEAN: 30s to 40. Begins as being timid, but as her curiosity develops she reveals her initiative. On stage for all but a small section of the play with two large monologues. Described by others as being ‘small.’
GORDON: 30s to 40. Seems respectable at first but is ruthless and self-important. Has a very large monologue.
MRS GOTTLEIB: 50s to 60s. Gordon’s mother. Loud, forthright and outspoken with flashes of anger.
HERMIA: 30s to 40. Gordon’s widow. Down to earth, slightly abrasive.
DWIGHT: 30s to 40. Gordon’s younger brother. More sensitive and considerate with a romantic inclination.
OTHER WOMAN/STRANGER: 40-ish. Double roles, both enigmatic characters. The Other Woman is charming and sophisticated, and The Stranger has an Eastern European accent and an ominous air.

Audition Venue: Malvern Theatre, 29 Burke Road, East Malvern

Theatre: Malvern Theatre, 29 Burke Road, East Malvern

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: Jean is innocently sitting in a café when a man's cell phone rings and keeps on ringing. The man doesn't answer because, as the title suggests, he's dead. She keeps his phone in order to keep him alive in a strange yet significant way and ends up stuck in the middle of all his troubles, meeting his widow, his mother, his brother and his mistress. At Gordon's funeral, she creates confabulations about his last moments which brings closure and peace to Gordon's family. The play takes its most bizarre turn when Jean discovers that he was in no way the saint she had imagined.

Other Information: In this contemporary, quirky and at times surrealistic play, the characters are unpredictable and given to changes of personality traits. It’s not necessary to concentrate on any passage from the script for audition but on a facility to demonstrate spontaneity.

Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre Co.Inc.
02-Jul-2018 at 07:00PM
11-Jul-2018 at 07:00PM

08 Nov 2018 to 24 Nov 2018

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The History Boys

Author: Alan Bennett

Director: Helen Ellis

Enquiries: Email:

Characters Summary: 8M(18), 1M(20-30), 2M(50+), 1F(any age)

Characters: 8 boys (high school age, must be able to look 17 to 18);
1 male teacher (mid 20s);
2 males (Headmaster & other 50+);
1 female teacher (any age).

Audition Venue: Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre
39-41 Castella Street, Lilydale.
Melways Ref: 38 F4)

Theatre: Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: The History Boys is set in the fictional Cutlers Grammar School in the nineteen-eighties. In this award-winning play, Alan Bennett evokes the special time that the sixth form represents in an English boys life. In doing so, he not only raises universal questions about history and how it is taught, but also questions more generally the purpose of education today.

Other Information: All auditioning actors must be familiar with the play.

Powderkeg Players
03-Jul-2018 at 07:30PM
05-Jul-2018 at 07:30PM

To Be Advised


A Conversation

Author: David Williamson

Director: Lee Cook

Enquiries: 0413263366

Characters Summary: 4 female (25-50)
5 male (18-55)

Characters: Jack Manning
Jack is a community conference convenor who strongly believes in the positive effect that community conferencing can have in a healing process. Has brought the two families together in spite of their resistance to the idea. As a mediator Jack is responsible for keeping the conference on track while allowing the rest of the characters the chance to speak their mind and explore their emotions.
Males, aged 30 to 40 from Victoria, Australia

Derek Milsom
Father of the victim, Donna. Derek and his wife Barbara get by in life fairly comfortably – well dressed and from a higher social class than the Williams family. Has reluctantly agreed to attend the conferencing session and is cynical about how much it will help, if at all. He is confrontational and aggressive in his approach with the Williams family. A grieving father.
Males, aged 40 to 55 from Victoria, Australia

Mother to the victim, Donna. Barbara, like Derek, is well dressed and from a higher social class. More ready than Derek to hear what the Williams have to say but still doubtful the conference will do anything positive. Feels like her grief has been managed somewhat by her husband. Proud of her daughter, eager to talk about her and share stories of her life. A grieving mother.
Females, aged 40 to 55 from Victoria, Australia

Lorin Zemanek
Lorin is a prison psychologist and was in part responsible for giving the perpetrator, Scott, the all clear to be released from his previous sentence. Lorin is a focal point of blame for both families and as such she is quick to defend herself. Carries guilt over the incident with her and has lost faith in herself as a professional.
Females, aged 30 to 40 from Victoria, Australia

Mick Williams
Mick is the younger brother of murderer Scott. Like most of the Williams family Mick is a bit rough around the edges and comes from a low socio-economic background. Is absolutely disgusted with his brother for his crimes and the only member of the Williams family that sees things the way the Milsoms do. Lives somewhere in the western suburbs of Melbourne.
Males, aged 18 to 25 from Victoria, Australia

Gail Williams
Gail is Coral’s daughter and the sister to Mick and Scott. Despises the crimes of her brother but is quick to point out the underlying influences in his actions and unable to completely condemn or blame him for them. She is university educated and versed in studies relating to socio-economic background and its effect on criminal behaviour. Supportive of her mother, Coral, and openly vocal about the tough upbringing that she and her two brothers, Mick and Scott, were raised with.
Females, aged 25 to 30 from Victoria, Australia

Coral Williams
Coral is the mother of Mick, Gail and murderer Scott. Coral is from a low socio-economic background and spent most of her children’s upbringing as a single mother working long hours to support her family. In spite of his crimes Coral is very protective of her son, Scott, and, according to her other son Mick, has spent much of Scott’s life defending and to some degree enabling his bad behaviour. Ashamed of Scott’s crimes but unable to completely condemn him for them.
Females, aged 45 to 55 from Victoria, Australia

Bob Shorter
Bob is Coral’s brother and uncle to Mick, Gail and Scott. Bob has spent most of his life working very hard to build up his own business which is now quite successful. Over the years Bob has been the patriarch of the William’s family and has tried to help Coral out financially when he could. Considered by the rest of the Williams family as the bloke Scott idolised when growing up, Bob’s involvement in the emotional and disciplinary upbringing of the Williams children was tokenistic at best.
Males, aged 50 to 60 from Victoria, Australia

Scott Williams (Voice Only)
Scott is the son of Coral and the brother of Mick and Gail. Convicted of raping and murdering Donna Milsom, Scott is reported to have had impulse control problems from an early age. Violent, domineering and a sickening attitude towards women, Scott has served time prior to Donna’s murder for rape. Scott is a beguiling liar and quite charismatic when he needs to be – clinically sociopathic he shows little remorse for his actions and any remorse shown is difficult to believe.
Males, aged 25 to 35 from Victoria, Australia

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: Dempster Park Hall 82 Phoenix street North Sunshine

Theatre: Same

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: Jack Manning, a community conference convenor, has brought together the family of a rape and murder victim and the family of the perpetrator with the hopes that the discussion will give both families the chance to grieve openly and help the healing process for both families to begin. A Conversation, the second of David Williamson’s Jack Manning Trilogy, is a confronting piece of theatre that explores the community conference process and delves into the horror, destruction and unspeakable pain that the crimes of rape and murder wreak on people’s lives. The play pulls no punches with its material as it explores the impact of the crime on both families and questions what conditions in someone’s life give rise to such a heinous action and, when all is said and done, whether those conditions even matter at all.

Other Information: Contact 0413263366
VDL awards entry

Hartwell Players Inc.
08-Jul-2018 at 02:00PM
09-Jul-2018 at 07:30PM

28 Sep 2018 to 07 Oct 2018

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Author: Paul Galloway

Director: Samuel Chappel

Enquiries: 95139581

Characters Summary: 6M (20-40+) 3F (20-50+)

Characters: • Glemov – soccer player – Male – 20s
• Mokhova – stage manager – female – 20s-30s
• Nadia – actor – female – 50s+
• Klimenko – actor – male – 30s
• Kamev – actor – male - 40s+
• Dinsky – actor – male - 30s-40s
• Babelev – playwright – male – 30s
• Yakonova – actor – female – 20s
• Trifinov – director – male – 40s+

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: Fleigner Hall
Highland Ave, Oakleigh East

Theatre: Ashwood High School Performing Arts Centre
50 Vannam Drive Ashwood

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: In the summer of 1939 in a small Moscow theatre a company of actors begin rehearsals of a new play to commemorate Stalin's sixtieth birthday. It is a tough gig, because for Soviet artists working towards the Radiant Future the old showbiz maxim 'the show must go on' is an order you can't refuse. Another opening, another show trial. Realism is a comedy of nerves, a backstage farce set in a pressure cooker. It is about the spirit that makes art live and the forces that want to crush it.

Other Information: Rehearsals will be 3 days a week consisting of Sunday afternoons, Monday evenings at Fleigner Hall and some Thursday evenings. Further rehearsal dates can be negotiated according to cast and director availability.

Auditions will be group auditions with no preparation required to book an audition please contact the director at

Encore Theatre Inc.
15-Jul-2018 at 02:00PM
16-Jul-2018 at 06:00PM

To Be Advised

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Speaking in Tongues

Author: Andrew Bovell

Director: Louise Woodward

Enquiries: 0416 777 356

Characters Summary: 5M (30-45, 3x25-40, 35-50)
4F (30s-40s, 2x25-40, 35-50)

Characters: Leon (M 30-45): Police officer who is married to Sonja but has an affair with Jane. Though appearing quite solid and steadfast, his self confidence suffers at times and therefore is dependent on Sonja’s more outgoing personality, though he is resentful of this fact.

Sonja (F 30s or 40s): Mother of two who is married to Leon, goes to have affair with Pete but doesn’t. Assertive and forthright and very self-confident. She gets frustrated with having to reassure her husbands ego and wants a man who is her equal.

Pete (M 25-40): Married to Jane, goes to have affair with Sonja but doesn’t. Is frustrated by Jane’s dependence on him, but is equally attracted to her fragility. Although he doesn’t cheat on Jane, he feels incredibly guilty about his actions. Is somewhat hot headed and quick to anger.

Jane (F 25-40): Married to Pete, has affair with Leon. Fragile and dependent on Pete, she seeks reassurance from others. Jane is sensitive and intuitive and suffers from self-doubt, holds an average job and has no children.

Nick (M 25-40): is being interviewed by the police about giving Valerie an ill fated lift home. He is currently unemployed, somewhat depressed and has escalating tensions within his marriage.

Neil (M 25-40): is writing letters to Sarah, his former lover whom he has never gotten over. He is obsessive and has allowed her unexplained abandonment to be a permeating cornerstone of his existence.

Sarah (F 25-40): Is seeing her psychologist about her problems with commitment. Self serving and void of accepting responsibility.

Valerie (F 35-50): is calling from a phone box whilst stranded at night. She accepts a lift from a stranger and never makes it home. She is Sarah’s psychologist who is struggling with issues she is having both at work and within her marriage.

John (M 35-50): (to be doubled with either Pete or Nick) is Valerie’s husband and is having an affair with Sarah. Is conflicted about his marriage and his role within it.

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: Fleigner Hall
31 – 39 Highland Ave
Oakleigh East VIC 3166

Theatre: Clayton Community Centre
9 – 15 Cooke Street
Clayton VIC 3168

Company Website:

Synopsis: Andrew Bovell's Speaking in Tongues is a play about the rights and wrongs of emotional conduct and marital infidelity. Featuring multiple narratives, Speaking in Tongues explores how intimate bonds are broken while new ones are formed between strangers.

Comprising of three parts, the play begins with two married couples (Pete and Jane, and Leon and Sonja) embarking on one-night stands: Pete with Sonja, and Leon with Jane. Although Leon and Jane carry through with the infidelity where Pete and Sonja don't, both couples echo each others’ dialogue.

Parts two and three introduce a new set of characters (some connected with the previous characters); Neil, Sarah, Valerie, Nick and John. These characters, presented through a change in format, cohabit the stage together, but largely exist within their own narratives.

This production of Speaking in Tongues will utilize 8 actors who will each have a singular role (except for John which will be doubled with another role), and will also function as an ensemble for the section/s where their role does not feature. Therefore all cast will be onstage for the entire duration of the play.

The ensemble will serve to move the multifunctional set, create the ‘soundscape’ of the play, as well as creating visual vignettes and interacting with the action. Therefore we are looking to cast actors who enjoy creating collaboratively, enjoy working with movement/physicality, and enjoy working with voice (one singer would be also be of great benefit). NB You do not have to be proficient in all of these areas but will need a willingness to explore them.

There is opportunity to be an ensemble member only if interested.

Other Information: Auditions will be a group format where you will be asked to read scenes with others, as well as create ensemble work within small groups. Please be prepared to read for the characters you wish to be considered for, as well as others as needed. You are not required to prepare anything to present, but familiarity with the audition pieces and the play will be of great benefit to you
Please allow for a few hours as we will need to audition people for both the speaking roles as well as ensemble capabilities.

PEP Productions
18-Jul-2018 at 07:30PM
22-Jul-2018 at 05:30PM

25 Oct 2018 to 03 Nov 2018

Holding The Man

Author: Tommy Murphy

Director: Amy Bryans

Enquiries: 0418 549 187

Characters Summary: 2M (both appear in the play 18-30)
4M/F - Ensemble

Characters: TIM
The narrator and key role, Tim presents his life story to the audience through all the ups and downs. He is brash, charismatic, confident, funny, arrogant, excitable and a little naïve. The actor in question will work through a challenging, complex role that encompasses the full spectrum of human emotion while playing Tim.
No preferred appearance in mind.
Must be 18+
Stage Age: appears age 18-30
*Must be happy to discuss shaving hair

John is Tim’s partner and is in many ways, the opposite in personality. Quiet, shy, humble, extremely loyal with a strong sense of who he is and what he believes in. The actor in question will work through a confronting, touching role that encounters the brutality of illness.
Preferred athletic build and Italian/ethnic background (though not essential).
Must be 18+
Stage Age: appears age 18-30
*Must be happy to discuss shaving hair

Seeking six performers, male or female, of any gender/background/ethnicity. The six supporting performers in this production will be challenged to move the story seamlessly along through dozens of contrasting characters- including parents, teachers, students, doctors, friends, boyfriends and more. The casting of six individuals with the ability to be comedic, dramatic, heightened and stripped back is crucial to the success of this show.
Must be 18+

Precast Characters: Nil

Audition Venue: Wantirna Primary School
120 Mountain Highway,
Wantirna Victoria 3152

Theatre: Doncaster Playhouse
679 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: Holding the Man is a classic piece of Australian culture, particularly in the LBGT community and has been inspiring, moving and devastating audiences for over twenty years. Since the memoir was first published in 1995, the story of Tim and John’s relationship weathering the storms of family, homophobia, infidelity, distance and illness has been adapted into a movie, documentary and play. Each medium has been successful its own right and now the opportunity to interpret Holding the Man on stage is here. To perform in this play is to express your humanity, your beliefs and your truths.

Other Information: Audition Information:

•Auditions via appointment only and will be approximately 5 minutes in length.
•Please prepare one monologue ranging from 30 seconds to 1-minute long.
o The style of the monologue should be naturalistic- please avoid overly “melodramatic” or “slapstick” scripts.
o Monologues about relationships, growing up, parents, friends etc is a good example of subject matter. Touching on comedy is acceptable, but crucial to the selection of your monologue is choosing something with a human side.
o If you’re anguishing over the selection, a small handful of examples are available that you may choose from instead. These can be downloaded from:

• Please be aware that being able to take redirection is important for the audition, so be prepared to re-perform your monologue with a slightly different approach.
• Bring a clear non-returnable head shot of yourself.
• You may prepare a CV of your training and experience. Please provide details of singing, acting and dance training. If you don’t prepare a CV you will be asked to write these details on the audition form on the day of your audition.

To book an audition please go to

The Mount Players
20-Jul-2018 at 07:30PM
21-Jul-2018 at 02:00PM

09 Nov 2018 to 01 Dec 2018


The Taming of the Shrew

Author: William Shakespeare

Director: Drew Mason

9382 6284

Characters Summary: 7M (20-50+) 3F (late teens-40+) Either (20-50+)

Characters: Males:
Petruchio: (loud, aggressive, but soft at heart) late 20s
Lucentio: (romantic dreamer) early 20s
Tranio: (Lucentio's servant, far wiser) early 20s
Baptista: (Kate and Bianca's father, stern, but caring) 50+
Gremio: (suitor to Bianca, wealthy) 50+
Hortensio: (suitor to Bianca, clever, but dim) 40+
Vincentio: (father to Lucentio) 50+

Katerina: (loud, aggressive, but wants to be loved) late 20s
Bianca: (sister to Kate, pretty, conniving) late teens to early 20s
Widow: (marries Hortensio, headstrong) 40+

the following roles can be played by either male or female actors:

Biondello (servant to Lucentio): age open
Grumio: (servant to Petruchio, dim, physical comedy needed) age open
Curtis: (servant to Petruchio) age open
Tailor: age open
Haberdasher: age open
Merchant: (pretends to be Lucentio's father) 50+

doubling of characters can and most likely will occur

Precast Characters: none

Audition Venue: The Mountview Theatre
56 Smith St

Theatre: The Mountview Theatre
56 Smith St

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: Bianca, young and beautiful, desperately wants a man. However, her father insists that her older sister, Kate, must be married first. The problem is that Kate is far too concerned with her own independence to allow this to happen and has scared off any man who has ever expressed interest. She is known as a shrew.
When she meets Petruchio, a man who is equally matched in wit, outlandish temper and persistence, the classic battle of the sexes is on. Just who will tame who? Will Bianca find her man? And who is the Shrew?
This production will be heavily influenced by the Suffragette movement of the early Twentieth Century.
Think Katerina in the spirit of Emmeline Pankhurst.....

Other Information:
For the audition, please come with a prepared short Shakespearean soliloquy, monologue or sonnet (not from the play) and be ready to also read from the script with your fellow auditionees. You do not need to come both days, just one.
Please be prepared to spend some time at the audition.

Rehearsal period: most likely will be Tuesday and Thursday evenings and either Saturdays or Sundays at a time to suit cast and director.

For more information or to book an audition and request a script, please contact: Drew Mason, director or 9382 6284.

Peridot Theatre Inc.
23-Jul-2018 at 07:30PM
25-Jul-2018 at 07:30PM

16 Nov 2018 to 01 Dec 2018



Author: A.R. Gurney

Director: Susan Rundle

Enquiries: 0416 298 136

Characters Summary: 4F (25-40, 2x 45-60, 40-70)
2M (50-65, 35-60)

Characters: Sylvia – Female (age 25-40) – A labradoodle. Physical fitness and agility required: walking and talking like a person but acting as a dog, e.g. rolls over and begs, etc

Greg – Male (Age 50-65) – Greg is a financial trader who is on shaky ground at work and is going through a mid-life crisis.

Kate – female (age 45-60) – Kate is an English teacher whose career is taking off. She is sensible and really not in the mood to acquire a dog.

Tom – Male (35-60) – A ‘dog-person’ who befriends Greg in the park.

Phyllis – Female (45-60) – Socialite and school friend of Kate’s

Leslie – Female (40-70) – Marriage Counsellor

Audition Venue: Unicorn Theatre, Mount Waverley Secondary College, Lechte Road, Mount Waverley (Melways Map 61 ref F11)

Theatre: Unicorn Theatre, Mount Waverley Secondary College, Lechte Road, Mount Waverley (Melways Map 61 ref F11)

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: Kate and Greg are empty-nesters who have moved to Manhattan from the Suburbs. Greg’s career as a financial trader is winding down, while Kate’s career as a public school English teacher is on the up. Greg brings home a dog he found in the park, who wears a collar with the name “Sylvia”. Sylvia is a street-smart Labradoodle who quickly becomes a bone of contention between husband and wife. Kate feels Sylvia is a rival for Greg’s affections and Sylvia thinks Kate just doesn’t understand the relationship between man and dog!

Other Information: Actors are asked to prepare a 1-2 minute comedic monologue and will be asked to read from the script.
To book an audition time please email the director on including the character you are auditioning for, your preferred audition date and attaching your resume.