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Peridot Theatre Inc.
07-Oct-2018 at 05:00PM
08-Oct-2018 at 07:30PM

01 Feb 2019 to 15 Feb 2019


Brilliant Lies

Author: David Williamson

Director: Damian Jones

Enquiries: 0419 537 871

Characters Summary: 3F(20-50) 4M (30-60)

Characters: Suzy (20s)
Lead female character – career women aspirations, but with limited skills; a bit slack; prides herself on her looks; party animal, and ‘player’.
Katy (20-30)
Suzy’s slightly older sister, lesbian, sharing a flat with Suzy. Trained architect who is now driving taxis for a living.
Marion (35-50)
Mediator from the Anti-Discrimination Board, trying to work with the parties to achieve a solution without resorting to court.
Vince (40s-50s)
Owner of the company where Suzy worked.
Gary (30s-40s)
Suzy’s direct Manager, accused of sexual harassment. Mildly ambitious businessman of doubtful morals. Fancies himself a little.
Brian (60s)
Suzy’s father. Previously successful real estate dealer. Womanizer, big drinker with failing health.
Paul (mid-late 30s)
Suzy’s brother. Married, conservative values, small business man, trying to hold the family together.

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: Unicorn Theatre
Mount Waverley Sec Coll
Lechte Road
Mt Waverley 3149

Theatre: Unicorn Theatre
Mount Waverley Sec Coll
Lechte Road
Mt Waverley 3149

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Synopsis: There are many layers of truths, half-truths and lies which must be examined when an accusation of sexual harassment comes before the Anti-Discrimination Board. Suzy has lodged a claim of harassment against her boss Gary, which has resulted in her being sacked from her office job at Life Choice Options. Set in the late 1990s but still very topical, ‘Brilliant Lies’ is a serious comedy that directs our sympathy from party to party, uncovering layers or residual danger beneath the surface.

Other Information: Auditions by appointment only. All enquiries to the director.
Preview night 31/1/19.

09-Oct-2018 at 07:30PM
11-Oct-2018 at 07:30PM

05 Apr 2019 to 14 Apr 2019

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Visiting Mr Green

Author: Jeff Baron

Director: Lisa McNiven


Characters Summary: Mr Green, 50+
Ross, 25 - 35

Audition Venue: Lilydale Heights College Performing Arts Centre
17 Nelson Rd, Lilydale (Enter via Gate 2)

Company Email:

Company Website:

Other Information: Auditions by appointment with Lisa McNiven - email

There is NO ACCENT requirement for either role.

Heidelberg Theatre Co.
23-Oct-2018 at 07:00PM
26-Oct-2018 at 07:00PM

15 Feb 2019 to 02 Mar 2019


Lost In Yonkers

Author: Neil Simon

Director: Gayle Poor


Characters Summary: 4M(teenagers-40s) 3F(30s-50s)

Characters: • Arty (Teenage male): aged 13 -15
• Jay (Teenage male): brother of Arty; two years older, more mature
• Grandma (50+): stern, strong; speaks with German accent
• Louie (30s - 40s): uncle of Arty and Jay; flamboyant
• Eddie (30s – 40s): father of Arty and Jay; hard-working; nervous around ‘grandma’, his mother
• Bella (30s – 40s): aunt of Arty and Jay; mentally challenged; loving and protective
• Gert (30s – 40s): aunt of Arty and Jay; breathing issues.

Precast Characters: none

Theatre: 36 Turnham Ave. Rosanna, Vic (opposite Rosanna Railway Station)

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Synopsis: After the death of their mother, two brothers, Jay and Arty are sent to live with their formidable German grandmother and mentally-challenged Aunt Bella. Meanwhile their dad travels about, desperately trying to scrape enough money together to pay off his debts.

Over the longest ten months of these young boys’ lives, they learn lessons about love, responsibility and the importance of family.

Set in Brooklyn, 1942, this Pulitzer Prize-winning play is a heart-warming testament to Simon’s brilliant talent.

Other Information: o All characters speak with a New York accent, except for Grandma

Sherbrooke Theatre Co. Inc.
28-Oct-2018 at 06:30PM
29-Oct-2018 at 07:30PM

22 Mar 2019 to 30 Mar 2019


Neighbourhood Watch

Author: Alan Ayckbourn

Director: Stephen barber

Enquiries: 0422384985

Characters Summary: Martin Massie (40's)
Hilda Massie (40+)
Luther Bradley (30's)
Magda Bradley (20'S) Wife of above
Gareth Janner (40's)
Amy Janner (40's) Wife of above
Rod Trusser (60'S)
Dorothy Doggett (60's)

Characters: Martin Massie: Upright Christian that changes as the play progresses, becoming militant and eventually lead astray.
Hilda Massie: Slightly older than her brother, Upright Christian, but a gossip and manipulator.
Luther Bradley: More in common with the people of the estate of the working class than his snooty neighbours.
Magda Bradley: Shy music teacher, who is intimidated by her husband.
Gareth Janner: Engineer, recently made redundant, with a dark side, builder of torture devices, whose wife is estranged and spends his time in his shed devising.
Amy Janner: Unfulfilled woman, who is looking for love, forthright and assured. Her husband spends all his time in his shed, doing god knows what.
Rod Trusser: Ex-Military, then security, Still maintains regimented outlook, razor wire and baseball bats are his go to.
Dorothy Doggett: Town Gossip and busy body, worked on the local newspaper, likes to tell other peoples stories.

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: The Shed
4/22 Jesmond Rd
Croydon 3136

Theatre: Doncaster Playhouse
679 Doncaster Rd
Doncaster 3108

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Synopsis: Neighbourhood Watch is veteran playwright Alan Ayckbourn's 75th play. It is a strongly political drama set in an upper middle class neighbourhood. The protagonists Martin and Hilda are siblings and new residents at Bluebell Hill, which overlooks a working class housing estate.
The siblings meet a few of the locals at their housewarming party. After Martin encounters a young boy, who he assumes to be trespassing through his garden, the pair decide to set up a Neighbourhood Watch group. When the group decide to go ahead without the involvement of any police officers, the previously quiet inhabitants of Bluebell Hill become vigilant and the play takes a darker turn. Though Neighbourhood Watch must have been written before the recent riots, the vigilante behaviour of these characters as they plot against the local hoodies has chilling parallels with the actions of some in the aftermath of the rioting.
The play raises a number of social issues - the most obvious being class. The storyline does more than just touch the surface of class struggles. One character, Rod, suggests putting a ten foot high fence between the garden and the housing estate, saying, They'll be walking in and out of here all day long otherwise, riff raff and vermin.
The Neighbourhood Watch group is driven by class hatred. Similarly sexism rears its head consistently through the play. A lot of it is disguised as characters hankering after that old-fashioned way of life, in which women do the cooking, make the tea and decide what colour the wallpaper should be.
What I found particularly interesting throughout Neighbourhood Watch is that there isn't at any point a clear divide between right and wrong. Often the characters you trusted to start with later express prejudiced opinions and have dark secrets that are gradually revealed. Luther, for example, initially stands up for the poorer people in the housing estate. As his character develops, however, he is exposed for beating his wife, Magda. Soon Magda is put into a situation where she is confronted about her bruises, and eventually she feels capable of communicating what has happened.

Other Information: Please email the director at: