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Frankston Theatre Group Inc.
11-Jan-2019 at 06:00PM
12-Jan-2019 at 01:00PM

To Be Advised

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Stop Kiss

Author: Diana Son

Director: Teghan Webster

Enquiries: 0466 690 964

Characters Summary: 3M & 3F Youth ensemble

Characters: CALLIE: Energetic, messy, friendly, makes jokes that can be misinterpreted, enjoys life but mostly because she ignores
anything that’s bothering her. Easy going and non-confrontative.
Role requires quick transitions between comedic timing and dramatic ability.
Standard American accent.
Willing to be pantless and topless with bra on (not at the same time)
Willing to kiss both girl and boy onstage.
SARA:Recently moved to NYC. Polite, reserved due to her upbringing but has passion within and wants to become
more assertive. Cares deeply about helping people and has a strong sense of what’s right and wrong.
Standard American accent.
Willing to kiss girl onstage
Callie’s friend from college (often with benefits). The Everyman. In a limbo stage of life where he hasn’t quite
left college behind but has accepted he’s an adult with a full time job.
Standard American accent.
Willing to kiss girl onstage.
DETECTIVE COLE: No nonsense New York detective. Doesn’t play good or bad cop, just wants straight answers.
Very strong New York/Brooklyn accent.
MRS WINSLEY: Free to interpret character as anything. Snooty, care free, quirky, - just has to be a bold and memorable
character who is firm in her ways.
Strong New York accent.
This actor will also play the NURSE

PETER:Sara’s ex-boyfriend, from a small town. Tired, angry and very worried about someone he loves but holding it all
Standard American accent

Audition Venue: The Shed, cnr Overport and Somerset Roads Frankston

Theatre: Frankston Mechanics Hall

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: Set in 1998 New York City, Callie and Sara meet and are caught unaware when their new friendship develops
into an unexpected romance for both of them. But when their first kiss provokes a violent attack their lives are
transformed in ways they could never anticipate. The play flashes before and after their kiss, from nervous
flirtations to intense confrontations.


Essendon Theatre Co.
15-Jan-2019 at 07:30PM
17-Jan-2019 at 07:30PM

28 Mar 2019 to 06 Apr 2019

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Suite Surrender

Author: Michael McKeever

Director: George Benca

Enquiries: Bookings essential for audition time via Director George Benca on

Characters Summary: 4M, 5F

Characters: Standard American Accents required; Ages are an indication only.

BERNARD S. DUNLAP, General Manager of the Palm Beach Royale Hotel & Spa – Male 40-65

CLAUDIA MCFADDEN, America's Beloved Matron of Song – Female 30-45

ATHENA SINCLAIR, a Great Star of Stage and Screen – Female 30-45

MURPHY STEVENS, Athena's personal secretary – Female 25-35
MR. PIPPET, Claudia's persona! secretary – Male 30-45

DORA DEL RIO, a Gossip Columnist – Female 30-40

MRS. EVERETT P. OSGOOD, a Society Matron & President of the Palm Beach Ladies for Unity. – Female 50-65

FRANCIS, a bellhop – Male 30-45

OTIS, a bellhop – Male 30-45

Audition Venue: Bradshaw Street Community Hall
Bradshaw Street (off Buckley Street)
West Essendon VIC 3040

Theatre: Bradshaw Street Community Hall
Bradshaw Street (off Buckley Street)
West Essendon VIC 3040

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: It's 1942, and two of Hollywood's biggest divas have descended upon the luxurious Palm Beach Royale Hotel—assistants, luggage, and legendary feud with one another in tow. Everything seems to be in order for their wartime performance... that is, until they are somehow assigned to the same suite. Mistaken identities, overblown egos, double entendres, and a lap dog named Mr. Boodles round out this hilarious riot of a love note to the classic farces of the 30s and 40s.

Other Information: Auditions are by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please apply to organise your audition time and for any further information. Please bring along completed audition form (can be found on the ETC Website at along with a non-returnable photograph.

Please arrive 10 minutes before audition time.
Successful cast MUST BE available for rehearsal period as well as all production dates. Please check you are available for all performance dates before booking your audition time.

ETC is a community theatre company and, as such, no actors are paid.

Warrandyte Theatre Company
19-Jan-2019 at 10:00AM
20-Jan-2019 at 10:00AM
28-Jan-2019 at 07:30PM

22 Mar 2019 to 06 Apr 2019


Animal Farm

Author: George Orwell

Director: Kia Moon

Enquiries: 0401047736

Characters Summary: Most roles involve actors becoming the animals that make up the farm - pigs, horses, donkey, dogs, chickens, etc.
This is not pantomime etc and characterising the animals will involve actions, voice and movement not masks, ears and heavy make-up!

Characters: Major roles include the pigs based on leaders of the Russian revolution: Napoleon - based on Stalin, Squealer - Lenin and Snowball Trotsky.
Boxer is a mighty strong cart horse and Molly a vain mare.
Many other animals come and go.
There are several narrators in this play.

This is a large ensemble piece and apart from Squealer, Napoleon and Boxer, all actors will assume various multiple roles of other animals and a few human characters.

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: Warrandyte Mechanic's Institute Hall
Yarra St

Theatre: Same

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: After having withstood more of Farmer Jones' drunken cruelty than they can take, the animals led by Old Major a wise, prize boar take over the farm.
Following a short period of revolutionary zeal from all the animals. the pigs, being the brightest take over the running and the power goes to their heads. With snouts in the trough, corruption sets in, the ideals of the revolution become twisted and the dream fades.

Other Information: This is a youth theatre production.
The auditions will take place within two workshops where actors will work with the script and the director over the weekend 19/20 January 2019. If you cannot attend the entire workshops then please contact the director for advice.
Additional audition dates TBA.

We are seeking actors between the ages of 14-24 but if you are just outside this range and super keen, please contact the director for discussion.

Heidelberg Theatre Co.
27-Jan-2019 at 07:30PM
28-Jan-2019 at 05:00PM

03 May 2019 to 18 May 2019



Author: Arthur Miller

Director: Chris McLean


Characters Summary: 12M(20s-50s) 3F(17,40s-50s)

Characters: • Eddie Carbone: 40s - A Longshoreman (dock worker). Eddie lives with his wife, Beatrice and orphaned niece, Catherine, in Brooklyn. Eddie can be generous and affectionate, but equally can be possessive, controlling, jealous and irrational.

• Beatrice: 40s - The wife of Eddie Carbone, aunt of Catherine. With Eddie, Beatrice has raised Catherine from infancy and acts as Catherine's mother. Her strength is her warm and caring nature, rather than the ability to control events.

• Catherine: 17 – The niece of Eddie and Beatrice, whom she loves fondly. Catherine’s an attractive, smart, young girl, popular in the community. As Catherine transitions to womanhood, she still seeks approval from her uncle, Eddie about life matters.

• Marco: 30s - The cousin of Beatrice, dark-haired, muscular. He’s a hard-working Italian man, respectful and honourable.

• Rodolpho: 20s- Beatrice's young, fair-haired cousin from Italy. Rodolpho is a good singer who also cooks, and loves to dance. Rodolpho would like to become an U.S. citizen.

• Alfieri: 40s-60s - An Italian-American lawyer. Alfieri is the narrator of the story. Has been around enough to be worldly wise. Alfieri also has scenes with Eddie, who visits him for advice.

• Mike: 30s – 40s - A Longshoreman. Friend to Eddie and Louis. Hangs out with them in the Carbone neighbourhood.
• Louis: 30s-40s - A Longshoreman. Friend to Eddie and Mike. Hangs out with them in the Carbone neighbourhood
• Tony: 40s-50s - A friend of the Carbones, with underworld connections. He helps 'submarines' find a place to stay and to get work. (minor speaking role)

• Mr. Lipari: 40s-50s - A butcher who lives upstairs from the Carbone's. (non-speaking role)
• Mrs. Lipari 40s-50s – Wife of Mr Lipari. (non-speaking role)

• 'Submarines': 20s-40s – Illegal immigrants; there are two male submarines lodging with the Lipari’s. (non-speaking roles)
• Immigration Officers – Government officials charged with rounding up 'submarines'. There are two in the play. (minor speaking roles)

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: Theatre: 36 Turnham Ave. Rosanna, Vic (opposite Rosanna Railway Station)

Theatre: Theatre: 36 Turnham Ave. Rosanna, Vic

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: Brooklyn longshoreman Eddie Carbone is devoted to his wife Beatrice and his niece Catherine. Then Beatrice's cousins Marco and Rodolpho, fleeing the poverty of Sicily, enter the US illegally, desperate to find work. As Rodolpho and Catherine fall in love, Eddie's devotion to his niece is no longer touching, but terrifying.

This Miller masterpiece is a dark and passionate tale of love, betrayal and revenge

Other Information: • Accents: All speaking characters speak with an American or American-Italian accent.
• When applying for an audition indicate the role[s] for which you wish to audition.
• Preparation requirements for audition will be provided when an audition time has been booked.
• To information about obtaining a copy of the script, please email the Director (
• We request each auditionee bring a named, recent photo (passport-size is ideal) when you attend the audition.
• For queries, contact the Director at
• Performance dates/times: Evenings at 8.00 pm on May 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16, 17 and 18.
Matinees at 2.00 pm on May 5, 11, 12

Beaumaris Theatre Inc.
30-Jan-2019 at 07:00PM
01-Feb-2019 at 07:00PM
02-Feb-2019 at 04:00PM

24 May 2019 to 08 Jun 2019

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Author: Stephen Sondheim and George Furth

Director: Colin Armstrong


Characters Summary: 6 M (30-55) 8 F (25-40)

Characters: ROBERT (Bobby) (Male 30---35) The lead character, he is a keen observer who appears happy but holds pain in his heart. He is the only one of his friends still single. Terrified of marriage and fears a lifelong loneliness. Range: G3 --- G5 (Bari/Tenor)
The Girlfriends
APRIL (Female 25---35) A girlfriend of Robert’s. She is a flight attendant who came to New York to live in Radio City. Ditzy and adorable. Range: A3 --- A5 (Mezzo/Sop)
KATHY (Female 25---35) An old girlfriend of Robert’s, who is now considered a good friend. She plans to leave the City for a life of domesticity. Sweet and loving. Range: A3 --- A5 (Mezzo/Sop)
MARTA (Female 20---30) A girlfriend of Robert's. Intensely modern, who is seeking adventure and excitement in the City. Range: A3 --- A5 (Mezzo/Sop)
The Couples
SARAH (Female 30---40) Harry’s hypercritical wife. She is an avid learner of karate and tends to overeat. Open, accepting, and full of love. Range: A3 --- A5 (Mezzo/Sop)
HARRY (Male 35---45) Sarah’s husband. He is a recovering alcoholic continually falling off the wagon. Believes the advantages of marriage outweigh the disadvantages. Range: A3 --- A5 (Bari/Tenor)
JENNY (Female 30---40) Quietly manipulative, simultaneously square and wise. Loves her husband, David, and will indulge him from time to time. Range: A3 --- A5 (Mezzo/Sop)
DAVID (Male 30---40) Jenny's husband, he is relaxed and always in control. Believes a man should be married and that the sacrifice of freedom is worth what you get in return. Range: B3 --- A5 (Bari/Tenor)
SUSAN (Female 30---40) A delicate southern belle. Peter’s wife and ex--- wife. Motherly in her affections towards Robert. Range: A3 --- A5 (Mezzo/Sop)

PETER (Male 30---40) Susan's husband. The perfect husband and ex--- husband. He is very liberal in his view of relationships. Range: B3 --- A5 (Bari/Tenor)
JOANNE (Female 40---50) Acerbic, demanding, and blunt. Too old to be part of the young crowd, but not old enough to be part of the older crowd. Puts on a brassy front that melts when she is alone with her husband. Range: G3 --- B5 (Mezzo/Sop)
LARRY (Male 45---55) Joanne's husband. He is stoic and centered, but has moments of goofiness. Indulges his wife’s behavior but knows when to put his foot down. Range: B3 --- A5 (Bari/Tenor)
AMY (Female 25---35) A frantic neurotic engaged to Paul but terrified of marriage. After a mental breakdown, she finally realizes that Paul is, in fact, her soulmate. Range: G3 --- A5 (Mezzo/Sop)
PAUL (Male 30---40) Amy's fiancé. Mildly clingy, but patient to her neurotic nature. He is fully committed to the idea of marriage and encourages Robert to do the same. Range: B3 --- A5 (Bari/Tenor)

Audition Venue: Beaumaris Theatre 82 Wells Rd Beaumaris

Theatre: Beaumaris Theatre - 82 Wells Rd Beaumaris

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: Company follows Bobby, a commitment-phobic 35 year old New Yorker through a musical dissection of love and relationships. Aided by the advice of his mostly married couple friends, Bobby juggles the pros and cons of marriage with an endearing skepticism that will have audiences laughing and nodding in recognition.

Other Information: All auditionees are required to prepare 2 songs in differing musical theatre styles that are essentially their party pieces. Be mindful of the show and where it sits in style and genre. Most importantly sing what you love to sing!

You must provide sheet music in the key you will perform. An audition pianist will be at the auditions however you are welcome to provide your own. No backing track or unaccompanied auditions will be considered. You may be asked to sing a scale or test your vocal range with the musical director.
The production team would like to encourage couples who both perform, to come and audition together. You can state at the time if you only want to be considered as a couple or individually. All potential casting options will be considered and discussed at the time.
There will be no separate dance audition for this show but auditionees may be asked to move during their individual auditions. You may be asked to read from a script.