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Hartwell Players Inc.
05-May-2019 at 02:00PM
06-May-2019 at 07:00PM

26 Sep 2019 to 06 Oct 2019

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Author: William Shakespeare

Director: Tam Dahmen-O'Neill

Enquiries: 0401735137

Characters Summary: Principal Cast: 3-4M, 5-6F, 1M (6-13 years)
Ensemble (multiple roles): Minimum 9M/F

Characters: Principal Characters:
Caius Martius (Coriolanus)- M, 30-50
A Roman general, he is given the name "Coriolanus" after he leads the Roman armies to victory against the Volscian city of Corioles. Brave, fearsome in battle, and extremely honourable, he is also proud, immature, inflexible, and stubbornly aristocratic. These faults, combined with a fierce contempt for the lower classes of Rome, lead to his exile from Rome.

Tullus Aufidius- F, 20-40
A general of the Volscians, Rome's enemy. She is Coriolanus' great rival in warfare but is not quite the equal of the Roman general and her inability to defeat Coriolanus rankles her.

Volumnia- F, 50-80
A Roman noblewoman and the mother of Coriolanus. She is devoted to her son and delights in his military exploits, having raised him to be a warrior; he, in turn, often allows himself to be dominated by her iron will.

Virgilia- F, 20-40
A Roman noblewoman and Coriolanus' loyal wife.

Brutus- F/M any age
One of the tribunes elected by the common people, or plebeians, of Rome to serve as their representative in the government. A clever politician, he regards Coriolanus as a great danger to the class he represents and to the Roman state and works to keep him out of power.

Sicinius- F/M any age
A Roman tribune, a clever politician, and Brutus' ally in the struggle against Coriolanus. Sicinius is Brutus’ equal.

Cominius- M/F, 20-40
A patrician of Rome and a former consul. He is a friend of Coriolanus, and he's one of the generals who leads the Roman army against the Volscians.

Titus Lartius- M/F, 18-35
A Roman nobleman. He is appointed, along with Cominius, as a general against the Volscians.

Young Martius- M, 6-13
Caius Martius’ only child and heir. He echoes some of Martius’ behaviour and mannerisms.

Ensemble cast will be playing multiple roles. These include:

Valeria- F, any age
A Roman noblewoman, she is close friends with Virgilia and Volumnia.

Young Martius- M, 7-13
Coriolanus and Virgilia's son.

Roman Citizens- M & F, any age
Plebians, the Roman citizens in the play are described as a hungry, volatile mob. They riot because of food shortages, and they elect Brutus and Sicinius as tribune.

Messengers- M/F, any age
Roman and Volsce messengers responsible for delivering information.

Roman Senators and Patricians- M/F, any age
Roman politicians of the upper class.

Roman Soldiers- M/ F, any age
Battle-bred warriors of the Roman army.

Volsce Soldiers, Sentinels and Lieutenant- M/ F, any age
Battle-bred warriors of the Volsce army.

Servingmen- M/F, any age
Servants of House Aufidius.

Volsce Conspirators- M/ F, any age
Coriolanus’ assassinators.

Volsce Lords and Ladies- M/ F, any age
Volsce nobles.

Herald- M/ F, any age
Roman officiator of ceremonies, proclamations and public bearings.

Gentlewoman- F, any age
A Roman attendant to a lady of rank.

Precast Characters: Menenius Agrippa

Audition Venue: Sunday 5th of May 2- 7pm @ Ashwood High School Performing Arts Centre
50 Vannam Drive Ashwood 3147

Monday 6th of May 7-9pm @ Fleigner Hall, Highland Avenue, Oakleigh East 3166

CALLBACKS: Wednesday 8th May 7-9pm @ Fleigner Hall, Highland Avenue, Oakleigh East 3166

Theatre: Ashwood High School Performing Arts Centre
50 Vannam Drive, Ashwood 3147

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: When an old adversary threatens Rome, the city calls once more on her hero and defender Coriolanus. But he has enemies at home too. Famine threatens the city, the citizens’ hunger swell to an appetite for revolution, and on returning from the battlefield, Coriolanus must confront the marching conflict of tradition, ceremony and the voice of an angry people.
Shakespeare’s searing tragedy of political manipulation and revenge is put under the lens in this subversive post-apocalyptic interpretation.

Other Information: PLEASE NOTE:
There will be an info night and play reading at the Ashwood High School Performing Arts Centre on Wednesday the 10th of April at 7pm.

This production will be set in a post-apocalyptic setting. Rehearsals will start on Monday the 13th of May and will begin with intermittent 1-2 rehearsals a week, then gear up to 3 times a week, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. These will include movement and voice workshops and stage combat training for some actors. Please indicate to the director at auditions if you have any movement or voice restrictions which may impact your performance.

Auditionees will be emailed excerpts from the script to prepare for auditions. You do not need to have these sections memorised however it would be beneficial to become familiar to the characters and the language. Callbacks will be on Thursday the 8th of May. Auditionees are strongly recommended to be available for their booked audition time and for callbacks.

Powderkeg Players
13-May-2019 at 07:00PM
15-May-2019 at 07:00PM

10 Oct 2019 to 19 Oct 2019

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Author: Yazmina Reva Translated by Christopher Hampton

Director: Liam Gillespie

Enquiries: 0431407475

Characters Summary: 2 F (25-40yrs) 2 M (25-40yrs)

Characters: ALAN RALEIGH, mid 20-late 30s MALE, Lead Role.
Married to Annette, middle class urbanite, a slimy attorney, smart but can be openly rude, uncaring and distracted, thinks women are limited, represents a pharmaceutical company that puts out harmful drugs.

ANNETTE RALEIGH, mid 20-late 30s FEMALE, Lead Role.
Married to Alan, has an 11 year-old son, middle class urbanite, a wealth manager, lacks confidence, looses control, has panic attacks and can be physically destructive, has raised a violent son.

MICHAEL NOVAK, mid 20-late 30s MALE, Lead Role..
Married to Veronica, middle class urbanite, a self-made plumbing wholesaler, has a somewhat blue collar behavior, occasionally uncouth in nature being a bit tough and blunt, tries to control but loses his temper and thinks child-raising is wasteful.

VERONICA NOVAK, mid 20-late 30s FEMALE, Lead Role.
Married to Michael, has an 11 year-old son and 9 year-old daughter, middle class urbanite, art historian, bright, controlling, anal, judgmental with a false sense of civility, wants to instill shame in the others

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: Powderkeg Players Theatre, Dempster Park Hall, 82 Phoenix St, Sunshine North

Theatre: Powderkeg Players Theatre, Dempster Park Hall, 82 Phoenix St, Sunshine North

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: WHAT’S IT ABOUT?
Before the play begins, two 11-year-old children, Benjamin and Henry, get involved in an argument because Benjamin refuses to let Henry join his 'gang'. Henry knocks out two of Benjamin’s teeth with a stick. That night, the parents of both children meet to discuss the matter. Henry’s father, Alan, is a lawyer who is never off his mobile phones. Henry’s mother, Annette is in "wealth management" (her husband's wealth, to be precise), and consistently wears good shoes. Benjamin’s father, Michael, is a self-made wholesaler with an unwell mother. Michael’s wife, Veronica, is writing a book about Darfur. As the evening goes on, the meeting degenerates into the four getting into irrational arguments, and their discussion falls into the loaded topics of misogyny, racial prejudice and homophobia

This play has the essence of farce, but is grounded in an everyday, relatable, essentially mundane situation. Unlike the light-hearted entertainment we often see in farce, G.O.C offers a ‘keyhole – view’ into some of the most filthy, disgraceful human behaviours we are all capable of submitting to deep down.
At times of war, whether on the battlefield or in the lounge room at home, peace is not always an option…..

Other Information: Book your timeslot via this trybooking link & follow the instructions:

otherwise contact the director directly:

Dionysus Theatre
19-May-2019 at 09:00AM
26-May-2019 at 09:00AM

11 Oct 2019 to 26 Oct 2019



Author: William Shakespeare

Director: Lenora Locatelli

Enquiries: 04248000377

Characters Summary: Othello - please note ethnicity requirements for the character Othello, the moor
Iago - to be played by a FEMALE

Characters: Please note ethnicity requirements for Othello, the moor.
Iago will be played by a female.

These two characters will need to prepare a short monologue that will be supplied upon booking your audition time.

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: AUDITION VENUE
McClelland College Performing Arts Centre, 26 Alexander Crescent, Karingal, 3199 – entry is off Karingal Drive. The suburb of Karingal is near Frankston, on the Mornington Peninsula.

McClelland College Performing Arts Centre, 26 Alexander Crescent, Karingal, 3199 – entry is off Karingal Drive. The suburb of Karingal is near Frankston, on the Mornington Peninsula.

And potentially a location in the city fringes.

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: This is a well-known play and references online are abundant, however, this link below will facilitate familiarity with characters, synopsis and context.

Other Information: Character Othello auditions will be held on 19/5/19. All other character will be auditioned on 26/5/19
Please prepare a monologue of your choice for your audition. If you are auditioning for Othello or Iago, please note you will be supplied with a separate monologue to also prepare.

Performance will be located in two different theatres McClelland Secondary College and a theatre located in the city fringes.

Beaumaris Theatre Inc.
25-May-2019 at 10:00AM
26-May-2019 at 01:00PM

To Be Advised


Pillow Talk

Author: Andy Payne

Director: Andy Payne


Characters Summary: 3 F (30-60) 3 M (30-60)

Characters: Female roles

Young Henrietta (Henri), playing age thirty something.

Henri is a young professional woman trapped in a loveless marriage. She appears forward and demanding, particularly in her relationship with Harry, a work colleague with whom she is having an illicit affair. Henri wants passion and excitement back in her life and is not afraid to demand it.

Audition requirements

Scene 1.1 (pages 2-8) Young Harry will be read by a panel member.

This role could be doubled with Cassie. If you would like to be considered for both roles, please book two audition spots.

Henrietta (Henri), playing age 60 something.

Thirty years on Henri has lost none of her confidence or outspoken nature. She and Harry have married and have a daughter of 25. With Henri apparently in charge, she and Harry are ridiculously happy until the seriousness of her medical condition begins to undermine her view of herself and her relationships.

The second half of the play chronicles Henri’s physical and mental decline. The actor will play a significant number of scenes propped up in a hospital bed.

Audition requirements

Scene 1.2 (pages 8-12) young Henrietta will be read by a panel member.

Cassie, daughter of Henri and Harry, playing age 25

Cassie is, on the surface, a self absorbed and materialistic young person for whom her mother’s illness is a minor inconvenience. There are opportunities for playing the comedy side of this in her early scenes. However, the actor will need to able to show a deeper and more interesting side of her character including an emerging maturity and strength.

Audition requirements

Scene 2.2 (pages 30-31) from “There’s an article in here.........”. to “I’ll just pop down to the cafe and see what they have”.


Scene 2.11 (pages 71-73)

Harry will read by a panel member.

This role could be doubled with Young Henrietta. If you would like to be considered for both roles, please book two audition spots.

Male Roles

Young Harry, playing age thirty something.

The young Harry is quiet, intellectually sharp but no match for the bold and outspoken Henrietta. He is married but not in love with his wife of six years. He feels responsible for his wife and is conflicted by his developing passion for Henrietta.

Harry has a quiet inner strength.

As an amateur musician Harry is seen trying to compose a song for his new love. The ability to strum three chords on a guitar would be an added advantage but is not essential.

Audition requirements

Scene 1.3 (pages 8-12)

Young Henrietta will be read by a panel member.

This role could be doubled with Justin. If you would like to be considered for both roles, please book two audition spots.

Harry, playing age sixty something

Harry retains his quiet and stoic character. Over time he has given away much to pursue his passion for Henri. He has left his wife and ceased to practice his faith. He cares deeply about his family and manages the conflict between his wife and daughter. He is devoted to Henri and wants to protect her from the world.

Harry carries the final dramatic moments of the play in which the audience should be convinced that he is about to end his wife’s suffering by killing her. It is a particularly poignant moment and will call for particular conviction from the actor.

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: Beaumaris Theatre- 82 Wells Road Beaumaris

Theatre: Beaumaris Theatre- 82 Wells Road Beaumaris

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: Beaumaris Theatre is delighted to be presenting a brand new play, ‘Pillow Talk’ as the third show in its 2019 Season.

Pillow Talk is a tragic comedy about life, love and the promises we make. Written specifically for community theatre, this show calls for a strong and dedicated cast capable of nuancing character with a light comic touch combined with sincerity in the darker moments.

In the first half we follow the development of our leading couple who have have stolen an illicit week together, escaping the monotony of their respective marriages to find passion and eventually love in each other’s arms.

The second half sees them happily married with grown up children but facing an uncertain medical future. Visits from Cassie, their daughter and Justin, Henri’s son from her previous marriage, complicate the family dynamic The play references the Victorian Assisted Dying legislation, the choices we have and the meaning of love.

Other Information: Director’s notes.

Accent. Technically speaking all the characters are English (Justin has been living in Australia). However, accents are not specified. Any clear relatively neutral accents will be acceptable.

Double Casting. The parts of the young Henrietta and young Harry could be played by other members of the cast. A decision will be made following the audition process.

Precasting. None. All characters are open. Selections will be made on merit using two criteria

suitability for the role
balance with other selected cast members

The show runs from

16th -31st August. 6 performances plus an invited dress rehearsal.

Sun 26th May 2.00-4.00 group call backs by invitation.

First rehearsal will be Wednesday 12th June.

Rehearsal pattern by negotiation, most likely Sunday pm, Monday and Wednesday.

A copy of the performance draft of the play is available at

Notes on the Author/Director

Andy is an English writer/director who has lived and worked in Melbourne for the last twenty years. He has written and directed for schools, youth groups and community projects and is currently teaching and writing with the university of the third age. He enjoys working collaboratively with actors and is very much looking forward to presenting ‘Pillow Talk’ with the talented team at Beaumaris theatre.

Strathmore Theatre Arts Group
25-May-2019 at 02:00PM
27-May-2019 at 07:30PM

15 Aug 2019 to 24 Aug 2019


Children of the Wolf

Author: John Peacock

Director: Michelle Heywood

Enquiries: 0413 692 283 or

Characters Summary: 2 F (21, 40-50)
1 M (21)

Characters: Helena Vincent - 40 - 50 - very well spoken, elegant and impeccably groomed, she is self centred and has made a very comfortable life for herself and is used to getting her own way. The actor must be able to move from self-possessed to an emotional wreck through the course of the action.
Robin 21 yo male - dominated by his twin sister, he is weak and needs to be likeable, he wants to please.

Linda 21 yo female - charming, dominating and needs to be able to switch between rational and crazy within the space of a few sentences and then back again as if nothing has happened.

Precast Characters: none

Audition Venue: STAG
corner of Loeman and Napier Sts, Strathmore

Theatre: STAG
corner of Loeman and Napier Sts, Strathmore

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: This chilling, unusual play takes as its influence from the myth of Romulus and Remus.
Twins Robin and Linda were given up for adoption shortly after birth by their mother Helena. Years later, on their 21st birthday, they lure Helena to a derelict building on the pretext that she will be meeting her lover, Michael. The reality is rather different.

Other Information: All characters need upper class British accents
This is a strong dramatic piece which has violence and sexual violence so the actors will need to be prepared to be very physical with each other.

The auditions will be open auditions so everyone will need to arrive at the same time. They will be given parts of the script on the night to rehearse and then read.

Audtionees will also be required to prepare a piece to present at the audition -this will be given to you at the time of booking your audition

Rehearsals, 1 to 2 weeknights per week and 1 weekend afternoon. More closer to performance. Days agreed based on cast availability.

Please contact the director to schedule an audition.

Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre Co.Inc.
27-May-2019 at 07:30PM
28-May-2019 at 07:30PM

15 Aug 2019 to 31 Aug 2019

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Picnic at Hanging Rock

Author: Original book by Joan Lindsay, adapted for the stage by Tom Wright

Director: Helen Ellis


Characters Summary: 5F(18-35)

Characters: 5 females aged 18-35 - ability to pass for or portray both student and teacher, female and male.

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre,
39 - 41 Castella Street, Lilydale.

Theatre: As above

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: One summer’s day in 1900 three Australian schoolgirls grew tired of their classmates and yearned for adventure. Escaping their teacher’s watchful gaze they absconded away from the group and towards the beckoning Hanging Rock never to be seen again.
Picnic at Hanging Rock has haunted the Australian psyche for over a century both in print and film. Now in Tom Wright’s chilling stage adaptation, an all-female cast of five struggle to solve the mystery of the missing girls and their teacher. And once again euphoria and terror reverberate throughout Appleyard College, as the potential for history to repeat itself becomes nightmarishly real.
This spine-tingling adaptation of Joan Lindsay's cult novel (famously filmed by Peter Weir) was a huge hit when it premiered at Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne in 2016, and it opened to sensational reviews when it premiered at the Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh in January 2017.

Other Information: BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Email - for appointment. Due to the style of the play auditionees must have read the script. Please contact director Helen Ellis for a copy of the script. Bookings essential.

Brighton Theatre Co.
28-Apr-2019 at 07:30PM
01-May-2019 at 07:30PM

16 Aug 2019 to 31 Aug 2019

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Author: Reina Hardy

Director: Pedro Ramos


Characters Summary: 1M (25-35), 2F (20-35)

Characters: All ethnicities are encouraged to apply. No specific accents are required.

ELAINE, 25-35 - Memoirist with something to prove. Assertive and direct, but not as sure of herself - or what she wants - as she'd like.

RUPERT, 25-35 - PhD student in astrophysics. Not as socially aware as he thinks but not shy. A loner looking for someone - or something.

CLAIRE, 20-35 - A poet. Ephemeral. Serene, distant, and mysterious, with a longing that is eating her up inside.

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: Brighton Theatre Company Theatre,
Bayside Cultural Centre,
Corner Wilson and Carpenter Streets, Brighton
(Old Brighton Town Hall)

Theatre: Brighton Theatre Company Theatre,
Bayside Cultural Centre,
Corner Wilson and Carpenter Streets, Brighton
(Old Brighton Town Hall)

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: Rupert Knox wants two things in life: to make the astronomical discovery of the new millennium and to find a date to his sister’s wedding. He might have found both in Claire, a celestial poet getting over an interstellar break-up. But when a mysterious woman named Elaine shows up at Rupert’s door with an offer of her own, these star-crossed losers – sorry, lovers – will have to make big choices about mortality, true love and whether to stick with vodka or switch to beer. Either way, tonight’s gonna be a good night.

A comedy about getting lucky in space-time. Full of heart, humour, and charm, Hardy’s script is a witty and touching look at how universal loneliness can be, and how sometimes what we most seek keeps us apart from what we most want.


Peridot Theatre Inc.
29-Apr-2019 at 07:00PM
01-May-2019 at 07:00PM

09 Aug 2019 to 24 Aug 2019

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The Diary of Anne Frank

Author: Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett, newly adapted by Wendy Kesselman

Director: Kellie Tweeddale

Enquiries: 0418 118 241 or Email

Characters Summary: 5M (15-60) 5F (13-55) plus 3M extras (20-40)

Characters: Character detail
(Ages are the character’s age – Actors’ true age can be different as long as they are look suitable for the role)
* Please note, basic English Accents will be required.
Anne Frank (13-16) Very outspoken, vibrant, curious, intelligent, loves to read, study and wants to be a writer when she grows up. A very large role.
Otto Frank (50's) Anne’s father. Modest, calm, a business man, very close to Anne, has a level head, loves his family.
Edith Frank (40-55) Quiet, keeps to herself, worries about Anne’s rambunctious behaviour but loves her family.
Margot Frank (16-19) Anne’s older sister. Poised, well-behaved, studious, considerate, afraid and lonely.
Miep Gies (20-30). Compassionate, kind, brave
Peter Van Daan (15-17) Shy, lonely son of Mr and Mrs Van Daan. Becomes good friends and romantic interest of Anne.
Mr Kraler (30-50) Compassionate, reserved, kind
Mrs Van Daan (40-55) Proud, high-status, flirty, wants to be treated with respect and has a hard time leaving her old life behind.
Mr Van Daan (45-55) Opinionated, egotistical, at times selfish. Wife to Mrs Van Daan.
Mr Dussel (40-60). A dentist. Religious, selfish, controlling and doesn’t know how to communicate well, particularly with children.
3 Soldiers (20-40) (very small roles for 3 men who might want to assist with the production in other ways or gain some experience)
* This play contains some adult themes of imagined violence and war. If you are a younger teenager who is cast in a role, permission may be required from a parent or guardian.

Audition Venue: Unicorn Theatre, Mount Waverley Secondary College, Lechte Road, Mount Waverley 3149

Theatre: Unicorn Theatre, Mount Waverley Secondary College, Lechte Road, Mount Waverley 3149

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: Two Jewish families are forced to hide from the Nazis in a secret annexe in Amsterdam.

Other Information: Auditions will be in small groups and auditionees will be required to present a short dramatic monologue from any play (NOT Anne Frank), as well as read from the script.
Auditions by appointment only - please contact the director Kellie Tweeddale.
* Please note, as most characters are on stage for the whole play, you must be available for the full rehearsal period from May-August.