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Mordialloc Theatre Co. Inc.
09-Jun-2019 at 07:30PM
11-Jun-2019 at 07:30PM

06 Sep 2019 to 21 Sep 2019



Author: David Auburn

Director: Peter Roberts

Enquiries: Enquiries: 0414 425 987

Characters Summary: 2M(28,50-60s), 2F(25,30s)

Characters: Catherine, mid-20’s – A young woman who inherited much of her father's mathematical genius and, she fears, his "instability" as well; she gave up her life and schooling to take care of her father until his recent death.

Claire, 30’s – Catherine's older sister, a practical and business-minded woman who has been comfortably successful in her work and relationships. She left Robert and Catherine behind, distancing herself from the run-down family home of her youth to make a new life for herself in New York City.

Robert, late 50’s-60’s – A recently deceased mathematician praised for his ground breaking work in his youth, but whose later years were plagued by delusional mental illness; he is seen in Catherine's imagination and in flashbacks.

Harold (Hal) Dobbs, late 20’s – One of Robert's last Ph.D. students during the one year his idol and mentor's illness went into remission, at least enabling Robert to teach, if not continue his own creative mathematical work.

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: Guide Hall
Glebe Ave
(off Charman Road)

Theatre: Shirley Burke Theatre
64 Parkers Rd

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: Catherine has inherited her father's mathematical brilliance, but she is haunted by the fear that she might also share his debilitating mental illness. Caught between a new-found connection with Hal,
one of her father's former students, and the arrival of her practical, successful sister, Claire, Catherine finds both her world and her mind growing increasingly unstable. Then Hal discovers
a ground-breaking mathematical proof among her father's notebooks, and Catherine is forced to further question how much of her father's genius or madness will she inherit.

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, David Auburn's Proof is a passionate, intelligent story about fathers and daughters, the nature of genius, and the power of love.

Other Information: Please contact the director to confirm your audition and obtain a copy of the script.

Wyndham Theatre Co.
11-Jun-2019 at 07:00PM

To Be Advised

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Centre Stage- A series of One Act Plays
Plays are "In My Mother's Words", "32 Park Lane", "Lucy in the Sky" and "Gray Matter"

Author: Alaine Beek, Elle Parkinson, Tony Layton, Jeanette D. Farr

Director: Elle Parkinson, Chris De Zeeuw, TBA

Characters Summary: In My Mother's Words 2F (30,70)
​32 Park Lane 3F, 1M (30+)
Lucy In The Sky 4F (20,30,40,70)
Gray Matter 1F, 1M (60,20)

Characters: In My Mother's Words ​
2 Females​
ASHLEY: In her 30s or 40s (depending on age of mother). She is an energetic busy mother. Her own mother, Barbara, has been living with Ashley and her husband. She is a ‘doer’ but is often impatient including her mother who is 80 and is getting frailer.

MARGARET: In 70’s or 80s. Scottish born, has not had an easy life but has to learnt to make the best of things. Is getting frustrated with her own increasing frailty and senses her reducing importance within her daughter’s life.

32 Park Lane
3 Females/ 1 Male

AMANDA: Playing age 30 +, shy, god fearing woman, has a past but has turned her life around.

NICOLE: Playing age 30+, Queen B type. Strong and confident. Perhaps gone a little stir crazy in the suburban life she has found for herself. She has some real dark moments in the play.

MICHELLE: Playing age 30+, A normal woman who has found herself in trouble. Always remembers where people have come from. Needs to have a strong emotional range.

JOHN: Playing age 30+, Very small part at the end of the play.

​Lucy in the Sky ​
4 Females

GLORIA: Playing age 25+ middle aged Social Worker, the hostel Warden

WENDY: Late 60’s- Early 70s, long-term homeless

MEG: 40's, middle class, not used to street life, a motherly type

ALEXIA: Late teens, early twenties, professional family background, a keen intelligence

Gray Matter ​
1 Female/ 1 Male

MARGE: Playing age around 60 years old. Well-dressed, middle-class, white woman.

​RUSSELL: Playing age around 20 years old Male. Wears baggy clothes and a baseball cap.

Audition Venue: Crossroads Theatre, Cnr Duncans Rd & Synnot St, Werribee VIC 3030

Theatre: Crossroads Theatre, Cnr Duncans Rd & Synnot St, Werribee VIC 3030

Company Email:

Company Website:

Other Information: All Information can be found on the website

Please submit an audition form (on the website) for specific audition pieces.

The 1812 Theatre
23-Jun-2019 at 07:00PM
24-Jun-2019 at 07:00PM

To Be Advised


Leading Ladies

Author: Ken Luwig

Director: Pip Le blond

Enquiries: 0400 350 792
9758 3964

Characters Summary: 5xM - 30's - 50's
3xF- 30's - 70's

Characters: Leo Clark /Maxine- 30's Clean shaven, Shakespeare actor (English accent) possessing real talent, and a clever, quick-on-his-feet thinker, Leo contrives the scheme and directs it for the most part, posing as Maxine. When he falls in love with Meg, his skills are tested to their limits.
Jack Gable/Stephanie. 30's Clean shaven Shakespeare actor (English accent) of some talent. A reluctant partner in crime with Leo, more sincere and not so clever or conniving as Leo, who does know how to push Leo's buttons.
Meg Snider 30's. A bright,vivacious young woman who loves the theatre and secretly dreams to experience far more of the world than York can possibly offer, but apparently resigned to settle for less as she has agreed to marry Duncan, an older, stuffy minister.
Duncan Wooley.40s. A local minister, engaged but substantially older then Meg. A good man at heart, set in his ways and anxious to control Meg's inheritance money. He suspects that Leo and Jack are frauds and would like nothing more than to expose them as such.
Audrey-20-30. A sexy, attractive young woman, brighter than she appears to be at times. Ability to roller skate is required.
Chief Moose/Doc Meyers 40-50’s Florence's doctor and family friend and father of Butch. Doc is basically a genuine guy who married for love but encourages his son to marry into money. At some point, he misperceives that Stephanie (Jack) is in love with him.
Butch Meyers 20s-30s. Doc's stocky (played high school football) son who, notwithstanding his dad's advice, is in love with Audrey. He is honest and sincere although a bit slow-witted at times.
Florence Snider-60s or older. A kind but crusty old lady with terrible eyesight but a sharp mind and tongue.

Audition Venue: The 1812 Theatre
3-5 Rose Street
Upper Ferntree Gully 3156

Theatre: The 1812 Theatre
3-5 Rose Street
Upper Ferntree Gully 3156

Company Email:

Company Website:

In this hilarious comedy,two English Shakespearean actors, Jack and Leo, find themselves so down on their luck that they are performing "Scenes from Shakespeare" on the Moose Lodge circuit in the Amish country of Pennsylvania. When they hear that an old lady in York, PA is about to die and leave her fortune to her two long lost English nephews, they resolve to pass themselves off as her beloved relatives and get the cash. The trouble is, when they get to York, they find out that the relatives aren't nephews, but nieces! Romantic entanglements abound, especially when Leo falls head-over-petticoat in love with the old lady's vivacious niece, Meg, who's engaged to the local minister. Meg knows that there's a wide world out there, but it's not until she meets "Maxine and Stephanie" that she finally gets a taste of it.

Other Information: Season:Nov 14th - Dec 7th

Eltham Little Theatre Inc.
24-Jun-2019 at 07:00PM
26-Jun-2019 at 07:00PM

To Be Advised

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One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest

Author: Dale Wesserman (based on Ken Kesey book)

Director: Tess Maurici

Enquiries: 0449 932 921

Characters Summary: 1 x Male, 22-34
3 x Male, 32-60
2 x Male 18-40
2 x Male, 33-66
1 x Female, 18-40
3 x Male, 30-48
1 x Female, 18-31
1 x Female, 35-60+
1 x Female, 26-44

Characters: Billy Bibbit (Supporting): Male, 22-34 an Acute, has been tormented by a stutter all his life and very immature. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Chief Bromden (Lead): Male, 32-60 huge; son of the chief of the Columbia Indians and a white woman; suffers from paranoia and hallucinations and is reputed to have received over two hundred electric shock treatments. Ethnicity: Indigenous Peoples

Aide Warren and Aide Williams (Supporting): Male, 18-40 - aides in the psychiatric ward; selected carefully by the head nurse because they were full of hatred; they do whatever she wants them to do. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Cheswick (Supporting): Male, 32-48 - an Acute, all talk and bluster, ex-military. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Ruckley (Supporting): Male, 33-66- a Chronic; shock treatments have destroyed his brain. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Sandra (Supporting): Female, 18-40- friend of Candy’s, white trash. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Dale Harding (Lead): Male, 30-48- an Acute, college-educated, has an effeminate manner about him that he can’t stand. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Martini (Supporting): Male, 30-44- Italian, an Acute; he lives in his own illusory, fantasy world; eager and bright-eyed. Ethnicity: European-looking

Randle P. McMurphy (Lead): Male, 30-48- strongly built, diagnosed as a psychopath, but he is not really insane; outgoing and uninhibited, a gambler and con man. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Nurse Flynn (Supporting): Female, 18-31- nervous and frightened of the patients; a believing Catholic, wears a crucifix. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Nurse Ratched (Lead): Female, 35-60+ - her manner is coldly efficient; she likes to enforce rules strictly, and believes she is trying to help the patients. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Scanlon (Lead): Male, 29-53- an Acute; one of the few patients who had been involuntarily committed to the hospital; has fantasies about destroying things. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Dr. Spivey (Supporting): Male, 31-62 - the ineffectual doctor in charge of the psychiatric ward; weak, possibly addicted to drugs. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Candy Starr (Supporting): Female, 26-44- a prostitute from Portland. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Aide Turkle (Supporting): Male, 33-60 - works as an aide on the night shift; has worked there a long time. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: Eltham Performing Arts Centre
1603 Main Rd, Research Victoria 3095

Theatre: Eltham Performing Arts Centre
1603 Main Rd, Research Victoria 3095

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: When Randle Patrick McMurphy (Jack Nicholson) gets transferred for evaluation from a prison farm to a mental institution, he assumes it will be a less restrictive environment. But the martinet Nurse Ratched (Louise Fletcher) runs the psychiatric ward with an iron fist, keeping her patients cowed through abuse, medication and sessions of electroconvulsive therapy. The battle of wills between the rebellious McMurphy and the inflexible Ratched soon affects all the ward's patients.

Essendon Theatre Co.
25-Jun-2019 at 07:30PM
30-Jun-2019 at 10:30AM

05 Sep 2019 to 14 Sep 2019

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Summer of the Aliens

Author: Louis Nowra

Director: David Runnalls

Enquiries: Production Co-ordinator Kaye Mills on 0417 205 871 or email

Characters Summary: 4 Male, 5 Female

Characters: Characters:
**Note -the roles for the 5 mid teenagers are to be played by actors in their 20s**

NARRATOR - the older Lewis; Male late 30’s/early 40’s – (Note there will need to be a “likeness” between the younger and older Lewis)

LEWIS - 14 years old; Male early to mid-20’s (refer note for the Narrator/ Older Lewis)

DULCIE - 14 years old; Female early to mid-20’s Female (Note- there is reference to her dark complexion - Dulcie refers to her father’s Spanish heritage but her mother later admits aboriginal)

NORMA - Lewis’ mother; Female- early to mid-40’s (May require a trace of a slight Scottish accent)

ERIC - Lewis’ father; Male -early to mid-40’s (refer note for Uncle Richard)

UNCLE RICHARD - Lewis’ uncle; Male- 40 -50’s. (Note- this role may be doubled up with Eric)

BEV - Lewis’ sister (assumed the older 15/16 yr old sister); Female- early to mid-20’s.

GRANDMA - Lewis’ Grandma; Female-(mid 60’s – 70 s; (Strong Scottish accent)

MR IRVIN - Dulcie’s step father; Male- mid to late-40’s) (Note- this role may be doubled up with Eric)

MRS IRVIN - Dulcie’s mother; Female early – mid 40’s)

BEATRICE - a Dutch girl (around 14); Female - early to mid-20’s

MR PISANO - the postman; Male 40/50s (Italian accent)

BRIAN - Lewis’ friend (14 yr old); Male- early to mid-20’s

JAPANESE WOMAN - Female 20/30’s (non-speaking part)

Audition Venue: Bradshaw Street Community Hall
Bradshaw Street (off Buckley Street)
West Essendon VIC 3040

Theatre: Bradshaw Street Community Hall
Bradshaw Street (off Buckley Street)
West Essendon VIC 3040

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: The year is 1962 and the world is worrying about the Cuban missile crisis, except for Lewis, a youth on the cusp of manhood, growing up in a Melbourne housing commission suburb. He is preoccupied with flying saucers, much to the disgust of his friend Brian who can think only of losing his virginity.

The play centres on relationships, especially the relationship between 14 year old Lewis and 14 year old Dulcie. It is through Dulcie that Lewis begins to understand that the struggle to be adult is the struggle to understand the world around him.

Summer of the Aliens is a vivid and amusing evocation of a family and a neighbourhood whose increasingly strange behaviour Lewis is forced to interpret in the only way he can... the aliens must be among us!

Other Information: Auditions are by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please apply to organise your audition time and for any further information. Please bring along completed audition form (can be found on the ETC Website at along with a non-returnable photograph (does not need to be studio photo).

Please arrive 10 minutes before audition time.

Williamstown Little Theatre Inc.
29-Jun-2019 at 01:30PM
30-Jun-2019 at 12:00PM
01-Jul-2019 at 07:30PM

04 Sep 2019 to 21 Sep 2019

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Author: Kerry Drumm

Director: Shirley Sydenham


Characters Summary: 2F (15, 32)
1M (34)

Characters: In each case although age is very much specified, I’ll be looking for age appearance rather than actual age of the actor.

The wonderful, warm relationship between Adam and Tabs is absolutely pivotal to the story ... I’ll be looking for actors who can develop this kind of rapport.

Set in Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula so local accents apply.

TABITHA, 15 **
She’s the epicentre of this story. She’s happy, funny, feisty and confident within her secure world, but has a major meltdown when the truth of her story is abruptly revealed, so the actor must be able to believably demonstrate this range: happy and flippant to raging, hurt, shutting down.

There are some heavy themes, and for this reason I will not necessarily be looking only at actors aged 15ish but will be interested in older actors who can play a convincing 15 year old.

ADAM, 34
Solid character, a really nice bloke. A tradie. He’s done a great job of raising Tabs, arising possibly from his own background.. lost and then found.

Cashier, runner, damaged, misunderstood. Carrying some heavy emotional baggage.

Precast Characters: none

Audition Venue: Williamstown Little Theatre
2-4 Albert Street
Williamstown 3016

Theatre: Williamstown Little Theatre
2-4 Albert Street
Williamstown 3016

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: Tabitha. Tabs. A feisty, confident fifteen year old who has been raised since toddlerhood by single dad Adam. A typical teen: outspoken, messy, glued to her smartphone listening to music and constantly texting. Out of the blue, her birth mother makes contact and, against Adam’s will, Tabs determinedly leaves for a short stay with Helen - where her secure world is turned upside down. How does Tab deal with the truth of her story?

A look at the spectrum of parental love. Three intertwined stories by local writer, Kerry Drumm, told with warmth, humour and love.

Other Information: A World Premiere and WLT's entry to the VDL Awards.

It is essential that you read the script (which I'll send you) before auditioning. If you are a minor, we request that a parent reads it also and attends the audition with you.

Please bring to your audition a completed audition form downloaded from together with a non-returnable headshot (studio shot not necessary)

NOTE: WLT has a Child Safe policy, so if a minor is cast as Tabitha all adults involved in the production will require a current Working With Children check. This is free for volunteers and online application is easy. View the WLT Child Safe policy on

Auditions by appointment only:
contact Shirley Sydenham,

Gemco Players Community Theatre Inc.
30-Jun-2019 at 02:00PM
02-Jul-2019 at 07:00PM

11 Oct 2019 to 26 Oct 2019

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Going Postal

Author: Terry Pratchett
Adapted for Stage by Steven Briggs

Director: Evie Housham

Enquiries: 0400 327 970

Characters Summary: 35 characters
7 of which are definitely male
There will be doubling up of characters

Characters: Moist von Lipwig - Age 25-40 - Swindler, con artist and fraud wanted dead in several cities.

Lord Vetinari - the current Patrician of Ankh-Morpork. Former Assassin.

Tolliver Groat - Age: over 60 - One of the last two postmen remaining at the postoffice and is a Junior Postmaster. Severely distrusts doctors, so he brews his own medicine and has his own little cures to keep himself in good condition. He is fluent in the only rhyming slang known to the Discworld that does not actually rhyme.

Stanley Howler - a strange young man. He has these "little moments", when all hell might break loose. Stanley has a thing for pins and acuphilia. He is, in fact, a "pinhead".

Mr Pump - Is a golem who is assigned to Moist von Lipwig as an assistant/parole officer to prevent his escape from the postal service. He proves ideal for this task, as golems never stop until their task is completed - no matter where Moist might run.

Anghammarad - He is a golem, almost nineteen thousand years old, having been baked by the priests of Upsa in the Third Ning of the Shaving of the Goat.

Adora Belle Dearheart - Manager of the Golem Trust. Object of Moist’s affection. Father used to own the Grand Trunk. Brother, John, died recently having fallen off a clacks tower.

Reacher Gilt - Chairman of the Grand Trunk, and a conman.

Drumknott - a faithful and loyal servant to Lord Vetinari

Miss Maccalariat - She is the ferocious office manager at the Post Office, ruling Post Office counters with a rod compared to which iron would be as sugar candy.

Sacharissa Cripslock - Reporter for the Ankh-Morpork Times

Mr Slant of Morecombe, Slant & Honeyplace is the head of the Guild of Lawyers in Ankh-Morpork. He is always involved in shadowy business but never caught out committing a crime. He died ages ago, but that has never stopped him from continuing his work.

Mr Pony - A technological genius who keeps the Grand Trunk running when it is in the hands of Reacher Gilt

Crispin Horsefry - Works for Mercintile Bank. A member of the Trunk’s Board of Directors.

Wilkinson - one of the more amenable and pleasant warders at the Tanty prison.

Greenyham - of Ankh Sto Associates, the treasurer of the Grand Trunk and a member of its Board of Directors.

Daniel "One Drop" Trooper is the official public executioner for Ankh-Morpork.

Stowley of Ankh Futures (Financial Advisors). A member of the Trunk's Board of Directors.

Young Parker - Son of Mr Parker, Greengrocer

Ponder Stibbons, HEM, DThau, Reader in Non-Volatile Intelligence, Cantoride Speaker in Slood Refurgance. Ponder Stibbons was once the second-most junior member of the Faculty of Unseen University, with an absolutely overwhelming interest in the more theoretical branches of applied magic. Wizard.

Spools - One half of the owners of Teemer and Spools, the first choice printing company in Ankh-Morpork

Jim ‘Leadpipe’ Upwright - Coachdriver

Harry ‘Slugger’ Upwright - Coachdriver

Igor - Most Igors are professional servants to mad scientists or noble vampire families.

Big Dave - proprietor of Pin Exchange

Mustrum Ridcully (the Brown) is the current Archchancellor of Unseen University. He shoots birds (and anything else), talks at a consistent shout, wears jogging suits and has about as much respect for mother nature as he does for the members of the faculty (which is not a lot).

Senior Postman Aggy - Age: over 60. Came out of retirement to assist Moist von Lipwig in rebuilding the Post Office. He acts as worshipful master in the Order of the Post and has been decorated for services to the post office (15 bites and still going).

Old Parker - Recipient of a letter that was posted years ago. Greengrocer.

Gryle - a Banshee. Gryle was discovered and used by Reacher Gilt to dispose of anyone who stood in his way.

Young Priest of Offler for the crocodile God Offler

Nutmeg of Sto Plains Holdings. A member of the Trunk's Board of Directors.

Mad Al - Member of the Smoking GNU

Sane Alex - Member of the Smoking GNU

Undecided Adrian - Member of the Smoking GNU

Devious Collabone - Wizard studying Oyster Communications in a Low Intensity Magical Field for his B Thau in Genua

Audition Venue: The Gem Community Arts Centre,
19 Kilvington Drive,
Emerald VIC 3782

Theatre: Gemco Theatre
The Gem Community Arts Centre,
19 Kilvington Drive,
Emerald VIC 3782

Company Website:

Synopsis: Moist von Lipwig was a con artist, a fraud and a man faced with a life choice: be hanged, or put Ankh-Morpork's ailing postal service back on its feet. It was a tough decision.
With the help of a golem who has been at the bottom of hole in the ground for over two hundred years, a pin fanatic and Junior Postman Groat, he's got to see that the mail gets through. In taking on the evil chairman of the Grand Trunk Semaphore Company, and a midnight killer, he's also got to stay alive.
Getting a date with Adora Bell Dearheart would be nice, too.
In the mad world of the mail, can a criminal succeed where honest men have failed and died? Perhaps there's a shot at redemption for man who's prepared to push the envelope ...

Other Information: Comedy