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The Basin Theatre Group
19-Aug-2018 at 07:00PM
20-Aug-2018 at 07:00PM

To Be Advised

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Author: Joanna Murray-Smith

Director: Sharon Maine

Enquiries: Sharon Maine 0419 118 917. Please message Alison with preferred audition date & time (auditions 7 - 10pm both dates) 0438 007 857 or

Characters Summary: 6F (teenager-64)

A thirty-something woman – Meryl is a mother of three and wife to Barry. Stressed out, she is frantic and dishevelled. Her monologue is a frantic stream of conscious sprint that begins slowly and gathers pace throughout. Meryl is a woman dealing with the nagging of her children as well as the pressure of being a perfect mother to the outside world while also thinking about random day-to-day thoughts. She is always on the go and at full speed. Mother warrior!

Late thirties to fifties – Tiggy is a member of the Cactus Appreciation Society, she has turned into a cactus fanatic because her partner, Harry has recently left her for a younger woman. A vulnerable woman. She is very timid and shy towards public speaking. Her monologue is a speech at the Cacti convention to fellow succulent lovers.

MARY O’DONNELL: (Actress must be a reasonable singer and dancer)
A teenage student – Mary O’Donnell is the most talented singer/dancer/actress at St. Brigid’s and is preparing for the school talent show. She was a past winner and is competitive and all about performing. Now, clad in her homemade costume, she is all set to perform “O'Shaughnessy” from CATS - until she discovers Angela McTerry is doing it too. She attempts to hide her own flaws and insecurities, by pointing out the flaws of others (Angela McTerry). She must be able to sing and dance in a musical theatre style as well as contemporary style. Mary performs a dance to a song by Shaft, lip-syncing while Irish dancing!

A twenties – thirties woman – Theresa is a happy bride preparing herself on the morning of her wedding day. She is a typical bride who has dreamt of every minute detail since she was a child. She tries to contemplate the positives on her wedding day, as though she is trying to convince herself. She is frightened about being married as she feels her individual identity may be consumed by the role of being a “wife” and she will be restricted only to Ted. She needs to be able to cover excellent comic timing as well serious dramatic tension. This character will not mind being on stage in her underwear.

A 50+ woman – Winsome is a widow who volunteers for the Blind society. She is conservative looking and husband Jim died several years earlier. She is part of a widows club; however, her sense of belonging is not fulfilled as they are only united by their husbands’ deaths. She begins reading to a blind man named Patrick. She is renewed with a youthfulness she thought she has lost by reading a romantic, slightly erotic book to Patrick. She defies societal expectations and fantasizes about the unexpected.

Late 40’s upwards (Requires American accent) (Actress must be a reasonable singer and dancer).
Described as an “Aging American Diva”. Zoe Struthers is an American diva who comes to Melbourne for her finale performance. Her husband Daryl left her and her house burnt down and left her with nothing. She has severe alcoholism and bitterness. A reuniting with her daughter, Deidre, assists with forgiving her past deeds and she is now becoming sober and attempting to get on her with life. This character needs to have a singing voice, this monologue mainly done through song. She is a Ronda Burchmore / Liza Minnelli / Judy Garland type of diva, who still has it even when she is over 50.

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: The Basin Theatre
Corner Simpsons & Doongalla Roads,
The Basin VIC 3154

Theatre: The Basin Theatre
Corner Simpsons & Doongalla Roads,
The Basin VIC 3154

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: The award-winning Australian playwright Joanna Murray-Smith writes a sextet of monologues of the lives of six very different women. The play exposes six women balancing their inner and outer lives with humour and often-desperate cunning. They range in age from a feisty teenager to a 64-year old widow yearning for the unexpected. Bombshells is primarily about women on the edge. Overall Bombshells offers an extremely entertaining insight into the lives of six women living in the western world today. It is going to be a hugely enjoyable and fulfilling challenge for us and I hope to see you at the audition.
Director : Sharon Maine 0419 118 917


Brighton Theatre Co.
26-Aug-2018 at 06:00PM
27-Aug-2018 at 07:00PM

08 Nov 2018 to 24 Nov 2018

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Pass the Butler

Author: Eric Idle

Director: Gaetano Santo


Characters Summary: 6 M (30-50, 20-40, 30-50, 20-50, 50-70, 20-50)
3F (30-50, 50-70, 50-70)

Characters: 1. Hugo - Son of Sir Charles 30-50 Aristocratic figure who thinks he is eccentric but is also possibly paranoid and mad.
2. Annabelle - Daughter of Sir Charles 30-50 Twin sister of Hugo. Cold and mean-spirited on the outside but hot blooded otherwise
3. Nigel - Their younger brother 20-40 Sarcastic haughty, snobby and fussy
4. Kitty - the Nanny 50-70 Sprightly and quick witted Nanny
5. Butler - the butler 30-50 Devoted to Charles but disdainful of the others
6.Lady Charles - the mother 50-70 Colourful down to earth character who is efficient and strong willed
7. Harris - a reporter 20s – 50s Common, simple and a little sly
8. Ronnie - Sir Charles’ best friend and Tory MP 50-70 Befuddled and self-interested upper class twat (stupid and obnoxious)
9. Slater - an inspector 20s - 50s Typical lowly inspector who is not on top of things

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: Brighton Theatre Company theatre, Bayside Cultural Centre, Corner Wilson and Carpenter Streets, Brighton (Old Brighton Town Hall)

Theatre: Brighton Theatre Company theatre, Bayside Cultural Centre, Corner Wilson and Carpenter Streets, Brighton (Old Brighton Town Hall)

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: A year after suffering a heart attack during a vigorous debate in the House, the family of comatose Sir Robert Charles, Minister of Defence and Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party are faced with the agonising decision of switching off his life support system. The day for the deed arrives but so do some visitors who may not be all they appear to be.

Other Information: ACCENTS: Upper and common class English accents.
Auditions by appointment only. You will only be granted a 15 minute audition slot AFTER you have read a copy of the play which the director will forward to you once you have emailed an expression of interest. Auditions will involve a character reading of specific sections of the play. Due to the limitation of time and in particular with the various male characters please limit your preferred audition roles to just 2 characters. Please also provide a theatre resume and head shot prior to the audition.