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Heidelberg Theatre Co.
08-Sep-2018 at 02:00PM
10-Sep-2018 at 06:30PM

16 Nov 2018 to 01 Dec 2018

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Author: Hannie Rayson

Director: Tim Scott


Characters Summary: 6F, 6M

Characters: • Dibs Hamilton (Female, playing 80): non-identical twin sister of Girlie, about to celebrate their 80th birthday; slightly gentler of the two; refuses to face the truth about her husband’s declining mental state; tries to be loyal but in the end betrays Nugget in the name of “family”: “I am not giving Nugget a single handful of this dirt”.
• Farley Hamilton (Male, playing 80+): husband of Dibs, suffering signs of dementia but determined to stay in control of the farm: “they’ll be carting me outta here with me boots on”; intolerant of his gay son but increasingly confused about those around him
• William Hamilton (playing late 40s/early 50s): eldest son of Dibs and Farley; he is gay and had moved away but has come back for his mother’s birthday with plans to sell the family farm; he has unhappy memories of his rural childhood: “Gay men are not welcome in Rushton”.
• Julia Hamilton (playing early 40s): daughter of Dibs and Farley; she has also left the farm and moved to the city; divorced, now pregnant (by an Indian colleague); she works in the public service (Multicultural Commission); wants to keep the farm and turn it into a herb farm: “I’ve been doing research”.
• Felix Hamilton (playing late teens): son of Julia, only pays occasional visits to the family farm and his grandparents; very much a city boy: “I live above the cosmic kebab”; has a sense of humour.
• Neville “Nugget” Hamilton (playing mid-late 30s): adopted, part-indigenous “son” of Dibs and Farley (who is his real father); practically minded and very gentle in dealing with Farley’s dementia: “I’m lookin’ out for you”; expects to inherit the farm when Farley dies.
• Girley Delaney (Female, playing 80): non-identical twin sister of Dibs; speaks her mind, has a sharp tongue and is intolerant of others: “Bugger the vegetarians”; suffered from polio as a child; she rides a specially modified mower/bike onstage in some scenes.
• Lyle Delaney (playing mid-late 40s): son of Girlie and her late husband Joe; he is in financial trouble, he can’t make his farm pay, yet he wants to inherit the family property: “always had the luck of a speckle-arsed rooster”; subject to depression (like his grandfather); can be violent.
• Maureen Delaney (playing early 50s): Lyle’s wife; an ambitious, conservative political candidate for a local seat, currently working to keep her family afloat; bigoted and intolerant of “university types”: “there’s nothing racist about my politics”.
• Ashleigh & Brianna Delaney (playing mid-late teens): daughters of Lyle and Maureen; they also play Dibs and Girlie as teenagers in the 1930s; Ashleigh shares her mother’s prejudices and is described by her uncle as “sullen”: “I hate this place”; Brianna, a year or so younger, is more open-minded and doesn’t like racist labels; close to her father: “Carn, Dad!”.
• Norm Myrtle (playing mid 40s): father of Dibs and Girlie; seen in the 1930s and also as a figure from the past; subject to depression like his grandson, Lyle: “Whoever said life was fair?”.

o Ability to play piano, mouth organ, ukulele or violin could be helpful; at least one cast member needs to be piano-competent; ability to hold a tune will be an advantage for all cast members
o The actor who plays Nugget Hamilton (playing mid-late 30s) should be credible as the indigenous son of an Aboriginal mother and the non-Aboriginal Farley Hamilton.

Precast Characters: none

Audition Venue: 36 Turnham Ave. Rosanna, Vic

Theatre: 36 Turnham Ave. Rosanna, Vic

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Synopsis: The 80th birthday of twin sisters Dibs and Girlie should be a cause for celebration, but as the family gathers in the Mallee the question of who will inherit the farm dominates. With a cast that encompasses three generations of the Hamilton/Delaney family, almost everyone has a different solution to the problem and, inevitably, the squabbles that result soon turn into more vigorous conflicts. Inheritance pits old rural values against new political realities, exposing fault-lines running through the generations.

Poignant, tragic, yet often funny, this award-winning play offers opportunities for actors of all ages, from the two central, older women, through their variously middle-aged children to their three teenage grandchildren.

Inheritance is a very significant Australian play, written and mainly set in the early years of the 21st century in country Victoria. It is about family tensions, disagreements over property, shadows from the past and fears about the future.

Other Information: • Audition will be in group format. Auditionees will be asked to read one or more scenes from the play. The scenes will be provided at the audition. Be prepared to stay for a couple of hours if needed.
• Inheritance show page at HTC:
• Further details of the auditions, including how to obtain an audition form & booking a session, will be published on after July 21 when HTC's play 3 closes.