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Gemco Players Community Theatre Inc.
12-Dec-2016 at 07:00PM
18-Dec-2016 at 02:00PM

10 Mar 2017 to 25 Mar 2017



Author: Shakespeare

Director: Sharon Maine


Characters Summary: 5F(25-45, 15+, 15+, 15+, 20-40)
9M(25-55, 25-30, 25-50, 25-50, 12-20, 25-45, 10-15, 20-50, 15-25)
8-12 Ensemble

(many of the male characters may be played by a female)

Characters: Duncan- King of Scotland, (M 25-55+)

The good ruler of Scotland whom Macbeth murders. Duncan is a virtuous and benevolent ruler whose death symbolises the destruction of order in Scotland.

Malcolm, (M 25-30)

The offspring of King Duncan, who reclaims the throne and restores Scotland to order after Macbeth’s reign of terror.

Macbeth, General of the King’s Army, later King of Scotland (M 25-50)

A Scottish general and the thane (lord) of Glamis. Macbeth is a brave soldier and powerful man, but he is not virtuous. He is led to wicked thoughts by the prophecies of three witches, murders King Duncan to fulfil his ambitions to the throne, and once crowned king of Scotland, embarks on further atrocities with increasing ease. Ultimately, he is unable to bear the mental torment of his actions

Lady Macbeth – (F 25-45)

Macbeth’s wife is a deeply ambitious woman who lusts for power and position. Early in the play she urges her husband to seize the crown. After the bloodshed, Lady Macbeth falls victim to guilt and madness. Her conscience affects her to such an extent that she commits suicide. At the beginning of the play, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are quite passionate, but their spiral into madness, numb their feelings for one another.

Three Witches – (F 15+)

Three mysterious women who plot mischief against Macbeth using charms, spells, and prophecies. Their predictions prompt him to murder Duncan, to order the deaths of Banquo and Macduff’s family, and to blindly believe in his own immortality. The witches take a perverse delight in manipulating Macbeth.

Banquo – (25-50)

A brave Scottish general whose children, according to the witches' prophecy, will inherit the Scottish throne. Like Macbeth, Banquo thinks ambitious thoughts, but does not act on them. Banquo’s ghost haunts Macbeth.

Fleance – (M/F 12-20)

Banquo’s son, who survives Macbeth’s attempt to murder him.

Macduff – (M 25-45)

A Scottish nobleman who is opposed to Macbeth’s rule. He leads an army of English soldiers to restore Malcolm to the Scottish throne. Macduff also wants revenge for the murder of his wife and children.

Lady Macduff – (F 20-40)

Macduff’s wife and mother of their young son. Warm, poised, lovely, loves her son, with whom she has a great rapport. Our hearts should ache to see her murdered.

Macduff's son (M/F 10-15)

The younger-looking the better, son to the Macduffs, a bright, articulate boy, clever, sweet, feisty.

Ross- (20-50)

A nobleman, serves Duncan and later Macbeth, because he must, but comes to understand Macbeth’s moral corruption. In the meantime, serves as a kind of consigliere, often bearing difficult news. Subsequently joins with Macduff and Malcolm to remove Macbeth from the throne.

Captain- Officer in the King’s Army (M 15-25)

Those auditioning for the part of The Captain are responsible for preparing the monologue requested below.

Porter (or Messenger) – (20-50)

A strange presence. A drinker, he’s a caretaker at Macbeth’s castle who must answer the door in the middle of the night. Will double as another character.

An ensemble of 8-12 people will take on the roles of: soldiers, nobles, servants and the consciences of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. The Ensemble will be on stage for 85% of the play and will work together, using stylised movement, voices and drumming, to move along the action.
Will be casted from people who have auditioned for other parts, unless you specify you would like to audition for this part. Please contact for additional information

Precast Characters: none

Audition Venue: The Gem Community Theatre
Kilvington Drive, Emerald

Theatre: The Gem Community Theatre
Kilvington Drive, Emerald

Company Website:

Synopsis: Macbeth tells the story of a brave Scottish general named Macbeth who receives a prophecy from a trio of witches that one day he will become King of Scotland. Consumed by ambition and spurred to action by his wife, Macbeth murders King Duncan and takes the Scottish throne for himself. He is then wracked with guilt and paranoia, and he soon becomes a tyrannical ruler as he is forced to commit more and more murders to protect himself from enmity and suspicion. The bloodbath and consequent civil war swiftly take Macbeth and Lady Macbeth into the realms of madness, and death.

The style of the production will be dark and sexy, with a hint of tartan. It will be a contemporary interpretation of the original story with murder, mayhem and the decent into madness taking centre stage. The script has been adapted for a modern audience.
The story will be told with a backdrop of war, but the time and place are ambiguous – it could be the 11th century, it could be now, it could be in the future. Macbeth will, through his own ambitions and his wife’s urging, plot, scheme and murder until he is King of Scotland. But through the guilt of his actions will descend into madness and lose everything.
The play’s minor characters will be replaced by an ensemble of 8-12 actors who, through stylised movement, will emulate soldiers in battle, nobles at court and servants. They will move along the action of the play by recounting what’s taken place off stage, and highlight Macbeth’s paranoia and his descent into madness. The ensemble will also move set pieces and props as required.

Other Information: For further information and audition scripts please go to our website:

13-Dec-2016 at 07:30PM

To Be Advised


Cinderfella- A modern day pantomime

Author: Julie Cunningham

Director: Julie Cunningham

Enquiries: 0478623973

Characters Summary: Cinderfella (Male age open)
Buttons (Female age open -)
Wicked Step Mother (Female 40 +)
Gargantua – Ugly Step Sister 1 (Female 40 +)
Bertha – Ugly Step Sister 2 (Female 40 +)
Narrator (Female or Male age open) Dandini (Male or Female age open )
Prince Charming (Male age open)
Godfather – WWE (Doubles as Stephano) (Male 40 +)
Godfather – Giovanni (Male age open)
Jackamo – Giovanni’s Offsider (Male or Female Dressed as Male age open)
Stephano - Giovanni’s Offsider (Male age open)
Extra Characters willing to be doubled up where applicable

Characters: Cinderfella - Strong dancing Skills
Buttons - Strong Vocals
Prince Charming - Vocals
Godfather 2, Jackamo and Stephano - Italian Accents
Godfather 1 - Able to move
Ugly Sisters - Able to move

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue:

ARK Theatre
17 Nelson Rd. (Enter via Gate 2), Lilydale, Victoria, Australia 3140

Theatre: ARK Theatre
17 Nelson Rd. (Enter via Gate 2), Lilydale, Victoria, Australia 3140

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: A modern twist on everyone's favourite fairytale with all the traditional characters such as Buttons, Prince Charming and Dandini and a few surprise characters too.

Other Information: Performance's will be in first week of July School holidays so a Christmas in July pantomime theme. All performances will be night or weekend so won't effect those that work Mon - Fri 9-5.
Rehersals will begin in April. Days to work around main characters availability.

Frankston Theatre Group Inc.
13-Dec-2016 at 07:00PM
14-Dec-2016 at 07:00PM

31 Mar 2017 to 09 Apr 2017

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The Importance of Being Ernest

Author: Oscar Wilde

Director: Chris Davies

Enquiries: 0414 836 314 or 9775 3857

Characters Summary: 4 Females aged from early 20's - mid 60's
4 Males 20-30

Characters: Jack Worthing,Young, eligible, local magistrate. Ernest in the country, Jack in the city.

Algernon Moncrieff, poser of leisure class, Bored. He also lives a double life.

lady Bracknell,a strongly opinionated matriarch.An imposing woman.

Gwendolyn Fairfax, Lady Bracknell's daughter. Submissive to her mother in public but !!!

Cecily Cardew, Jack Worthing's ward. An 18yo silly girl.

Miss Prism, Cecily's governess.Very prim.A symbol of Victorian morality.

Rev.Chasuble, Source of Victorian moral judgement. Underneath a bit of a lecher.Interesting characterisation wanted for this role.

Lane & Merriman, Servant of Algernon. Coukd be played by one actor.

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: Mt Eliza community centre
Canadian Bay road
Mt Eliza

Theatre: As Above

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: Jack Worthing is Ernest and wins Gwendolyn's hand
and she declares she is marrying him for his name.
Meanwhile Cecily decides to marry rake-hell Ernest.When Algernon appears in this guise she immediately accepts. Everything does work out in the end

Other Information: This production is presented with cabaret seating

BYO drinks & nibbles. Complimentary tea & coffee

Malvern Theatre Company Inc.
28-Nov-2016 at 07:30PM
29-Nov-2016 at 07:30PM
03-Dec-2016 at 01:30PM

21 Apr 2017 to 06 May 2017



Author: Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter Book by Richard Eyre

Director: Alan Burrows

Enquiries: Please contact the Director, Alan Burrows at or on 0412 077 761
to book an audition or if you would like more information.

Characters Summary: 5M(25-40 2M(50+) 4F(25-40 1F(13-16) 1F(50+)

Characters: Tracy Samantha Lord – Attractive, very rich bride-to-be, second time down the aisle, smart, witty, outgoing, strong-willed, energetic, tells it like it is, classy, athletic, funny, charming, sexy, when she wants to be, lives life to fullest, versatile. Vocal range F to B.

Dinah Lord – Tracy’s little sister, 13 to 16 years old. Precocious and headstrong, vocal range C to D.

Mother Lord (Margaret) – Classically lovely matriarch to the Lord family, epitome of high society matron, cheerful, mannered, sophisticated, poised, sense of humor. Vocal range A to E.

Seth Lord – Mature, partriach of Lord family, warm, friendly, vocal range A to G.

Dexter C. K. Haven – Handsome, jaunty, athletic, Tracy’s former husband, Yale graduate, adventurous sailor, boat designer, still in love with Tracy, vocal range G to G.

Liz Imbrie – Journalistic photographer, ‘gal Friday’, inquisitive, very honest, strong, straight-ahead demeanor, sharp tongue, sharp mind, vocal range F to E.

Mike (Macauley) Connor – Reporter, author, Liz’s pal, talks big, tough, writes poetry, earthy, honest, witty, hopeless romantic, falls in love with Tracy, vocal range G to F.

Uncle Willie – Loving, easygoing, harmless lush, extremely wealthy, loves the ladies, sweet, charming, witty, a bit forgetful, excellent comedic skills, vocal range G to G.

George Kittredge – Tracy’s fiancé, not known for mental prowess, honest, strong, gullible, vocal range G# to F#.

Ensemble (4) – Two males and two females, who are the staff at the Lord residence. Range to cover SATB

Audition Venue: Malvern Theatre, 29 Burke Road, East Malvern

Theatre: Malvern Theatre, 29 Burke Road, East Malvern

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: The story is set in 1948 when Tracy Lord is ecstatic about her impending marriage to George Kittredge, a successful industrialist. Her mother, Mrs Margaret Lord, and her younger sister, Dinah, are at the family mansion in Philadelphia supervising last minute preparations. Soon, her ex-husband, Dexter, bounds in and informs the family that Sydney Kidd, editor of Spy magazine is determined to get the inside story on the wedding and has arrange for two journalists, Liz Imbrie and Mike Connor, to pose as guests to obtain an exclusive story unless Tracy agrees, they will print a story about Tracy’s estranged father, who is carrying on an affair with an exotic dancer. Later, when the reporters arrive they are greeted by a very strangely costumed Dinah. Tracy joins her, also dressed outrageously, and together they perform a bizarre song and dance routine. To further perplex the reporters, Tracy introduces her Uncle Wille as her father and her newly-arrived father as her uncle. Later, at Tracy’s pre-wedding ball, Tracy hides from George and invites Mike to go skinny-dipping with her in the pool. Meanwhile, Dexter has a heart-to-heart with Liz, who is fleeing the amorous Uncle Willie, and she admits that she’s in love with Mike, even though he doesn’t know it. She promises Dexter that neither she nor Mike will write any stories about the Lords, even if it costs them their jobs. Then, George witnesses Mike carrying the comatose Tracy up to her room, and assumes the worst. The wedding day dawns with the bride hung over and the groom furious. George confronts Tracy and Mike, but Mike swears that he did nothing wrong. Tracy decides that she can’t marry George, no matter what. In the end, the show’s finale is a spectacular double wedding; Tracy and Dexter, Liz and George!

Other Information: There will be 13 perfomances including two matinees. The production will then transfer to Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre for a further three week season. Please refer to their web site for further details