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Brighton Theatre Co.

18-May-2017 to 03-Jun-2017

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Hats Off!

Author: Allison Campbell Rate

Director: Denise Wellington

Theatre: Bayside Cultural Centre,
Cnr Wilson and Carpenter St Brighton

Performances: 8.00 pm evening performance
2.15 pm matinee

Prices: $23.00; $21.00 concession

Bookings: 1300 752 126

Company Email: enquire@brightontheatreco.com

Company Website: http://www.brightontheatreco.com/

Synopsis: Five women approaching “middle” age get together to reminisce about their uni days and explore the possibilities of the future. Set in a well appointed holiday house in Daylesford spa country, the action of the play takes place on an afternoon and early evening of a Saturday in October.

Facing change, wondering how she will cope and looking for a way forward, Harriet recently widowed and mother of 3 teenage children - a boy and 2 girls - is hosting a reunion of the five companions who met and shared a student house at university. Trinity trained as a teacher but didn't continue in that profession. Now married to second husband Marcus, she has no children, no money worries and doesn't need to work. Gabi is now a secondary school teacher of Drama and English. Loyal, loving, trusting and trustworthy single mum to teenage boy Zac with her elderly mum also living with them looks to the others for guidance and support. Cassie, a “glass half empty “ person, is also secondary school teacher - of History and English - married to Will, and the mother of 2 teenage daughters - Amy and Lucy - fantasises about escape.
Michelle, married to Tim, is another secondary school teacher - of French and Maths – and has her sights on promotion. A clear thinker and a straight talker her sharp intellect is matched with a dry wit and sense of mischief.


The Basin Theatre Group

19-May-2017 to 10-Jun-2017

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Forget Me Knot

Agent: Origin Theatrical
on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.

Author: David Tristram

Director: Gregor McGibbon

Theatre: Doongalla Road
The Basin

Melways Reference: Map 66 Ref. A6

Performances: All performances 8pm except Sunday matinees at 2pm

Prices: Evening and Matinee performances $27

Bookings: 1300 784 668 (7PM TO 9PM only)

Company Email: subscriptions@thebasintheatre.org.au

Company Website: http://www.thebasintheatre.org.au

Synopsis: Robert Zeinfeld is found wandering the streets of Leicester at 4 a.m.
There's no clue how he got there, just a bruised head and a suspicious policeman for company. But ... Perhaps he hasn't lost his memory at all; perhaps it's all an elaborate cover-up.
The deeper the policeman digs, the more confused he gets. But the truth always comes out in the end.
Or does it?


The Basin Theatre Group

19-May-2017 to 10-Jun-2017



Author: David Tristram

Director: Gregor McGibbon

Company Email: subscriptions@thebasintheatre.org.au

Company Website: http://www.thebasintheatre.org.au

Strathmore Theatre Arts Group

25-May-2017 to 04-Jun-2017


The Dixie Swim Club

Agent: By arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd, on behalf of Dramatists Play Service, Inc New York

Author: Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, Jamie Wooten

Director: Kris Weber

Theatre: corner of Loeman and Napier Sts, Strathmore

Performances: 8pm Thurs-Sat
2pm Sun

Prices: $20 Full
$15 Concession

Bookings: www.stagtheatre.org 9382 6284

Company Email: stag_publicity@optusnet.com.au

Company Website: http://www.stagtheatre.org/

Synopsis: Five Southern women, whose friendships began many years ago on their college swim team, set aside a long weekend every August to recharge those relationships. Free from husbands, kids, and jobs, they meet at the same beach cottage to catch up, laugh, and meddle in each other’s lives. THE DIXIE SWIM CLUB focuses on four of those weekends and spans a period of 33 years. As their lives unfold and the years pass, these women increasingly rely on one another—through
advice and raucous repartee—to get through the
challenges that life flings at them. And when fate throws a wrench into one of their lives, these friends rally ‘round their own with the strength and love that takes this comedy in a poignant and surprising direction.

Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre Co.Inc.

25-May-2017 to 10-Jun-2017


One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

Author: Dale Wasserman

Director: Catherine Garside

Company Email: a.t.c@bigpond.net.au

Company Website: http://lilydaleatc.com/

Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre Co.Inc.

25-May-2017 to 10-Jun-2017

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One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

Agent: Origin Theatrical Pty Ltd

Author: Dale Wasserman, adapted from the novel by Ken Kesey

Director: Catherine Garside

Theatre: 39-41 Castella Street, Lilydale.

Performances: Evening Shows: Curtain up @ 8:15pm (sherries from 7:45pm)
Matinees: Curtain up @ 2:15pm (sherries from 1:45pm)

Prices: Adults: $25 each
Concession: $23.00 each
Season Tickets: $80 per person (for 4 shows)

Bookings: 9735 1777

Company Email: a.t.c@bigpond.net.au

Company Website: http://lilydaleatc.com/

Synopsis: This powerful American drama was made famous by the movie of the same name, starring Jack Nicholson, Louise Fletcher and Danny De Vito. Convicted felon, Randle McMurphy charms his way onto a psych ward thinking it's surely the easy way to serve out a six-month prison term. There he encounters Nurse Ratched, a disciplined and extremely focused agent of authority. Randle uses his charisma and humour to breathe life into the ward and lead the other patients into open rebellion. But McMurphy's revolution against Nurse Ratched and everything she stands for quickly turns from sport to a fierce power struggle—with shattering results. Having won five Academy Awards, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest is now a dramatic play which continues to delight audiences with the same tension, humanity and unforgettable characters.

Other Information: Matinees:
Sunday 28 May
Saturday 3 June
Sunday 4 June

The 1812 Theatre

25-May-2017 to 17-Jun-2017


Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Agent: Samuel French

Author: Jeffrey Archer

Director: Robin Miller

Theatre: 3-5 Rose Street Upper Ferntree Gully 3156

Melways Reference: 74 F6

Performances: Evenings - 8pm
Matinees (June 4th & 11th ) - 4pm

Prices: $27.00

Bookings: 9758 3964 www.1812theatre.com.au

Company Email: admin@1812theatre.com.au

Company Website: http://www.1812theatre.com.au

Synopsis: In the Central Criminal Court of the Old Bailey Sir David Metcalfe,distinguished QC and Chairman of the Bar Council, is conducting the most important defense of his career - his own. Accused of the willful murder of his wife, Sir David finds himself locked in legal combat with his old rival, Sir
Anthony Blair Booth QC, prosecuting counsel.

Cathouse Players Inc.

26-May-2017 to 03-Jun-2017


Steel Magnolias

Author: Robert Harling

Director: Bette Sartore

Company Email: cathouseplayerskyneton@gmail.com

Company Website: http://www.cathouseplayers.com.au/

Cathouse Players Inc.

26-May-2017 to 03-Jun-2017


Steel Magnolias

Agent: OriGiN Theatrical

Author: Robert Harling

Director: Bette Sartore

Theatre: Kyneton Masonic Centre
7-9 Yaldwyn Street West, Kyneton

Performances: Fri May 26th 8pm Complimentary Wine & Cheese
Sat May 27th 8pm
Sun May 26th 2pm
Thurs June 1st 8pm
Fri June 2nd 8pm
Sat June 3rd 8pm Gala Night (Supper and Drinks included)

Prices: $25/20
Gala Night all tickets $30

Bookings: 0490 485 850

Company Email: cathouseplayerskyneton@gmail.com

Company Website: http://www.cathouseplayers.com.au/

Synopsis: In a backyard beauty shop in Chinquapin, Louisiana, we meet owner Truvy Jones and newly-hired assistant, Annelle Dupuy-Desoto as they await the arrival of three regular Saturday morning clients, Clairee Belcher, Ousier Boudreaux and M'Lynn Eatenton, and it's M'Lynn's daughter Shelby's wedding day.

A bitter-sweet note is introduced when Shelby, a diabetic, announces that she desperately wants to have a baby, despite her doctor's advice, and her mother's dismay.

There's no hint of a potential tragedy, as we learn the back story of each of these exceptional women, but with the eventual dramatic outcome, their support for each other is strengthened forever.

Other Information: www.trybooking.com/OFPH

Frankston Theatre Group Inc.

26-May-2017 to 03-Jun-2017

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12 Angry Men

Agent: By arrangement with Origin Theatrical Pty Ltd on behalf of Samuel French Ltd

Author: Reginald Rose

Director: Connor McRae

Theatre: Frankston Mechanics Institute
1A Plowman Place

Performances: 8pm - Fri 26, Sat 27 May, Fri 2 and Sat 3 June
Matinee 2pm - Sun 28 May

Prices: Seating in the round
Tickets $25 - concessions available

Company Email: secretary@frankstontheatregroup.org.au

Company Website: http://www.frankstontheatregroup.org.au

Synopsis: Following the closing arguments in a murder trial, the 12 jury members must deliberate, with a guilty verdict meaning death for the accused, an inner-city teen. As the dozen men try to reach a unanimous decision while sequestered in a room, one juror casts considerable doubt on elements of the case. Personal issues soon rise to the surface, and conflict threatens to derail the delicate process that will decide one boy's fate.

The Mount Players

26-May-2017 to 10-Jun-2017

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True West

Agent: By Arrangement with Origin TM Theatrical on Behalf of Samuel French Inc

Author: Sam Shepard

Director: Travis Handcock

Theatre: The Mountview Theatre
56 Smith Street

Performances: Matinee 2pm
Evening 8pm

Prices: Adults $30
Concession $25

Bookings: www.themountplayers.com or Ph 5426 1892

Company Email: secmountplayers@gmail.com

Company Website: http://www.themountplayers.com

Synopsis: True West, a black comedy, is a character study that examines the relationship between Austin, a screenwriter, and his older brother, Lee. Austin is house-sitting their mother\'s home, 40 miles east of Los Angeles, while she is in Alaska. During his stay he is confronted by his brother, who proceeds to bully his way into also staying at the house and using Austin\'s car. In addition the screenplay Austin is pitching to his connection in Hollywood somehow gets taken over by the pushy con-man tactics of Lee, and the brothers find themselves forced to co-operate in the creation of a story that will make or break both their lives.

Beaumaris Theatre Inc.

26-May-2017 to 10-Jun-2017


A Night of Dark Intent

Agent: ORiGiN Theatrrical

Author: L.Don Swartz

Director: Lyn Laister

Theatre: 82 Wells Road Beaumaris

Performances: 8 pm 5pm 4th June

Prices: $27 and $24 concession

Bookings: www.beaumaristheatre.com.au

Company Email: info@beaumaristheatre.com.au

Company Website: http://www.beaumaristheatre.com.au

Synopsis: A thriller in which six women must race against the clock to solve a murder and to save their own lives. A Night of Dark Intent is the perfect night of theatre for any mystery lover.

Gemco Players Community Theatre Inc.

09-Jun-2017 to 24-Jun-2017


Space Captain Smith

Author: Toby Frost adapted by Ross Housham

Director: Ross Housham

Company Website: http://www.gemcoplayers.org

Peridot Theatre Inc.

09-Jun-2017 to 24-Jun-2017

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The Female of the Species

Agent: Australian Script Centre

Author: Joanna Murray-Smith

Director: Natasha Boyd

Theatre: Unicorn Theatre, Mt Waverley Secondary College, Lechte Road, Mt Waverley 3149

Melways Reference: 61 F9

Performances: June 9,10,14,15,16,17,21,22,23,24 at 8pm
June 11, 17 at 2.15pm
June 18 at 4pm

Prices: $23/$27

Bookings: 9808 0770

Company Email: tickets@peridot.com.au

Company Website: http://www.peridot.com.au

Synopsis: Margot Mason, a thinly veiled version of Germaine Greer, has writer’s block following publication of her groundbreaking polemic, The Cerebral Vagina, thirty years ago, when in through the windows of her country retreat steps one of her committed fans—with a gun. What follows is Joanna Murray-Smith’s deliciously wicked comedy that deftly walks the tightrope between satire and farce.

Other Information: tickets@peridot.com.au

Mooroolbark Theatre Group

15-Jun-2017 to 25-Jun-2017

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Ski Whizz

Agent: Origin theatrical on behalf of Samuel French

Author: Richard Ingham

Director: Arline Myers

Theatre: Red Earth Theatre @ Mooroolbark Community Centre
125 Bryce Ave Mooroolbark

Performances: 15th, 16th, 17th, 22nd, 23rd, 24th @ 8pm
18th & 25th @ 2pm

Prices: $20.00
Conc. $18.00

Bookings: 0490 769 245

Company Email: mooroolbark_theatre_group@optusnet.com.au

Company Website: http://www.mtg.org.au/

Synopsis: It is opening day at Ernst Edelbaum's hotel and already things are going wrong. His english neice turns out to be Leslie, a male punk; most of his guests don't arrive; and the tour company are about to discover that his required wife doesn't exist. And as for the guests themselves, well, they all have their own problems...

Other Information: Cabaret style table seating, BYO drinks (beer & wine) and nibbles.
Complimentary sherry on arrival and tea/coffee/cake served at interval.

Malvern Theatre Company Inc.

16-Jun-2017 to 01-Jul-2017

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Agent: Origin Theatrical Pty Ltd

Author: Shelagh Stephenson

Director: Gayle Poor

Theatre: 29 Burke Road, East Malvern

Performances: Tuesday (except 20th June) to Saturday at 8:15 pm
Matinees: Saturday 17th June and Sunday 25th April at 2:00 pm.
Gala Night: Saturday 24th June at 8:15 pm.

Prices: $22.00 (No Concessions).
Groups (10 or more): $20.00 per person.
Gala Night: $8.00 extra per person.

Bookings: 1300 131 552 or online at www.malverntheatre.com.au

Company Email: home@malverntheatre.com.au

Company Website: http://www.malverntheatre.com.au

Synopsis: The story centres around three sisters; Teresa, Mary and Catherine, who come together before their mother’s funeral and how each sister deals with the death and how it directly affects them. The three each have different memories of the same events and after years of separation, many of their hidden lies and self-betrayals reach the surface. Memory is the main theme in this play. The sisters’ memories – recalled as they are in all their inaccuracies, almost interact with each other, and show that despite synchronicities of time and place the people involved in the incidents of the past cannot agree on the facts of a unified experience.

The 1812 Theatre

29-Jun-2017 to 01-Jul-2017


Board Shorts Play Festival 2017

Agent: N/A

Author: Various authors

Director: Various directors

Theatre: 3 Rose Street,
Upper Ferntree Gully
Victoria. 3156

Melways Reference: 74 F6

Performances: Thursday 29th June - 8.00 pm
Friday 30th June - 8.00 pm
Saturday 1st July - Matinee: 2.00 pm Evening; 8.00 pm

Prices: $15

Bookings: On-line: 1812theatre.com.au/purchase-tickets/

Company Email: admin@1812theatre.com.au

Company Website: http://www.1812theatre.com.au

Synopsis: Board Shorts is an 1812 initiative which has been running for 10 years.
The aim is to provide a non-competitive platform for new writers, to get their work out there and for new directors to gain experience. Plays are restricted to 10 minutes and the program delivers 10 plays per performance.

Williamstown Little Theatre Inc.

29-Jun-2017 to 15-Jul-2017

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Vincent in Brixton

Agent: Dominie Drama

Author: Nicholas Wright

Director: Shirley Sydenham

Theatre: 2 Albert Street, Williamstown 3016

Melways Reference: 56 B7

Performances: Tuesdays - Saturdays 8.15 pm
Sundays - 5pm

Prices: $25/22

Bookings: 9885 9678 or www.wlt.org.au

Company Email: secretary@wlt.org.au

Company Website: http://www.wlt.org.au/

Synopsis: A fiction woven from a few known facts, on the surface it is about the two years a young Vincent Van Gogh spent in London. But it is more than that. We see a young man with the signs of genius yet to flower but with the arrogance of innate talent.

There are allusions to the drawings and paintings, the inspirations and the despair that are to come. There are moments of humour, depression, warmth and love, with glimpses into the disruptive, single-minded nature of artistic talent.

Australian non professional premiere

Other Information: Fortuitously, there's a Vincent Van Gogh exhibition at the NGV around the same time!

Mordialloc Theatre Co. Inc.

30-Jun-2017 to 15-Jul-2017

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Australia Day

Agent: David Spicer Productions

Author: Jonathon Biggins

Director: Martin Gibbs

Theatre: Shirley Burke Theatre
64 Parkers Rd

Performances: Evenings: 8 pm
Matinees: Sunday 2, Saturday 8, and Sunday 9 July at 2.30 pm

Prices: Adults: $25.00
VIPs and concessions: $23.00
Groups (10 or more) and children $21.00

Bookings: 9587 5141 or online at www.mordialloctheatre.com

Company Email: mordialloctheatre@gmail.com

Company Website: http://www.mordialloctheatre.com

Synopsis: The country town of Coriole is getting ready for Australia Day – a time to crack open a frothy, stick a snag on the barbie and celebrate what it means to be a true blue Aussie.
The Australia Day committee is gearing up to put on the town’s biggest party – but they have a few issues of their own to sort out first. With everyone from the Greens to the local mayor to the CWA wanting a piece of the party pie, it’s proving hard yakka to work out what an Aussie celebration should look like.
Nothing is sacred as the national identity is put through the wringer in this thoroughly modern ripper of a comedy!
Will the day be fair dinkum after all? Or are there too many roos loose in the community hall?