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Sherbrooke Theatre Co. Inc.

21-Jul-2017 to 05-Aug-2017

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And The Big Men Fly


Author: Alan Hopgood

Director: Tony Bird

Theatre: Doncaster Playhouse
679 Doncaster Road
Doncaster Vic 3109

Melways Reference: Map 47 E1

Performances: July 21, 22, 27, 28, 29, August 3, 4, 5 at 8pm
July 23 & 30(matinees) at 2pm

Prices: Adults - $28
Concession - $25
Groups of 10 or more - $24
Subscribers - $22

Bookings: 1300 650 209

Company Email: barbers@iinet.net.au

Company Website: http://www.sherbrooketc.org.au/

Synopsis: This is a play about an Australian Rules Football team called the Crows. The Crows aren’t very good but are determined to win the 1963 Grand Final, after not having won one for years. So the coaches set out to find a new player. They find one of the worlds greatest kickers - the only problem is he has never played football and isn’t interested in playing. It is up to the coaches and the great kickers cousin to convince him to learn how to play Aussie Rules and help the Crows win the 1963 championship.

Frankston Theatre Group Inc.

28-Jul-2017 to 06-Aug-2017

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A Sting in The Tale

Agent: Origin Theatricals

Author: Brian Clemens & Denis Spooner

Director: Keith Gledhill

Theatre: Mt Eliza Community Centre
Canadian Bay Rd
Mt Eliza

Performances: Fridays & Saturdays 8.00 pm

Sunday Matinee 2.00pm

Prices: $28.00
Concession $26
Children under 15 $10

Bookings: 1300 665 377

Company Email: secretary@frankstontheatregroup.org.au

Company Website: http://www.frankstontheatregroup.org.au

Synopsis: Two crime writing playwrights are endeavouring to write a blockbuster in order to pay off their mounting debts.As the plot develops they realise who better to arrange the perfect murder !! Forbes nagging wife is the perfect victim.
The secretary is murdered by mistake, and we end up not knowing just who has been murdered.

Other Information: this is cabaret seating with byo nibbles and drinks.
complimentary tea & coffee.

The 1812 Theatre

03-Aug-2017 to 26-Aug-2017


Last Of The Summer Wine

Agent: Hal Leonard Pty Ltd

Author: Roy Clarke

Director: Pip Le Blond

Theatre: 3-5 Rose Street

Melways Reference: 74 F6

Performances: Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, - 8pm
Sunday Matinee (Aug 13th & 20th )- 4pm

Prices: $27 .00
Group of 10 - $24.00

Bookings: 9758 3964 www.1812theatre.com.au

Company Email: admin@1812theatre.com.au

Company Website: http://www.1812theatre.com.au

Synopsis: Australian Premier:Last of The Summer Wine was a popular British BBC sitcom which ran for 30 years. In this new stage adaptation of the timeless television series, Foggy has designs on winning the affections of Constance, Nora Batty’s niece by inviting the ladies for supper. The plot thickens with mistaken identities as the local community try to apprehend a ‘flasher’ who wreaks havoc within the village.


Ararat Theatre Co. Inc.

05-Aug-2017 to 06-Aug-2017

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Ararat One Act Play Festival

Theatre: Gorrin House
27 Albert Street

Synopsis: Ararat one-act play festival is a competition based festival of one-act 'plays'. Plays are usually text based works written by either established playwrights or emerging new writers, directors or community theatre companies/groups.

Ararat OAPF is hosted by Ararat Theatre Company

The Ararat OAPF will be presented over the weekend of the 5th & 6th of June 2017. Performances will take place in sessions all day Saturday and pending the number of entries may present on the Sunday if required.

We have a range of prizes for the categories

The Ararat OAPF will be judged by an independent adjudicator (TBA) with an awards presentation held at the end of the festival (After the last play)

Participants will receive feedback on their performance via an adjudicators report, either verbal or in writing.

Festival Guidelines

Running Time: Usually between 20 to 50 minutes per production

Number of characters: Minimum of 2 (No monologues)

"Bump in" time 10 minutes, "bump out" time 5 minutes

Royalties to be paid by the participant(s)

A copy of the script should be sent with the entry
Information and should include information about cast, play & company as this will be included in the program

Entry fees $55 per play

**The decision of the adjudicator is final and no further correspondence entered into

***If the Ararat OAPF receives more entries than can be presented of the festival the decision on what entries are accepted will be made by the Festival Coordinator Sue Brown

Other Information: Finger food will be provided between the afternoon and evening session.

After the performances on the Saturday evening supper and drinks will be provided.

Entries can be submitted via email Sue Brown, Festival Coordinator E: pac@ararat.vic.gov.au
P: 5352 2181

Skin Of Our Teeth Productions

11-Aug-2017 to 26-Aug-2017


A Room With a View

Author: Emma Louise Watson adapted from novel by E.M. Forster

Director: Christine Davey

Company Email: chriskppd@westnet.com.au

Company Website: www.facebook.com/skinofourteeth

Peridot Theatre Inc.

11-Aug-2017 to 26-Aug-2017


Life After George

Agent: HLA Management Australia

Author: Hannie Rayson

Director: David Lawson-Smith

Theatre: Unicorn Theatre, Mt Waverley Secondary College, Lechte Road, Mt Waverley 3149.

Melways Reference: 61 F11

Performances: August 11,12,16,17,18,19,23,24,25,26 at 8pm
August 13,19 at 2.15pm
August 20 at 4pm

Prices: $23/$27

Bookings: 9808 0770

Company Email: tickets@peridot.com.au

Company Website: http://www.peridot.com.au

Synopsis: Peter George, charismatic academic, idealist, lover of life, is dead. His wife, two ex-wives and daughter gather for his funeral. As the true nature of the man and his life unfolds, so these women discover much about themselves and the lives they have lived both within and outside his shadow. Life After George is a moving and perceptive insight into social change across three decades, told through individual experiences. A compelling drama from the author of Hotel Sorrento.

Other Information: tickets@peridot.com.au

The Basin Theatre Group

11-Aug-2017 to 02-Sep-2017


A Happy and Holy Occasion

Author: John O'Donoghue

Director: Loretta Bishop

Theatre: Doongalla Road, The Basin

Melways Reference: Map 66 Ref. A6

Performances: 11 August 2017 - 2 September 2017

Prices: Evening and Matinee performances $27

Bookings: 1300 784 668 (7PM TO 9PM only)

Company Email: subscriptions@thebasintheatre.org.au

Company Website: http://www.thebasintheatre.org.au

Synopsis: The play is set early 1942 in Newcastle, just before the fall of Singapore in WWII. It tells the story of a family gathering in the home of the working class Irish-Catholic O’Mahon family. The “happy and holy occasion” is the farewell dinner for the youngest child, before he leaves to train for the priesthood. The play takes a snapshot of that era covering racism, misogyny, sexual mores’, domestic violence, and understanding of the Catholic Church as it was back then: all fear, rigidity, and repression. The end result, an evening far from a happy and holy occasion.

Other Information: Company Email: subscriptions@thebasintheatre.org.au

Company Website: http://www.thebasintheatre.org.au

PEP Productions

17-Aug-2017 to 26-Aug-2017




Author: Donald McDonald

Director: Lorraine Millar

Company Email: pep.productions06@gmail.com

Company Website: http://pepproductions.org.au/

Wyndham Theatre Co.

17-Aug-2017 to 26-Aug-2017


The Vicar of Dibley

Author: Ian Gower and Paul Carpenter adapted from the original TV series 
by Richard Curtis and Paul Mayhew-Archer

Director: George Benca

Theatre: Crossroads Theatre
Cnr Synnot Street and Duncans Road

Performances: 8pm and a 2pm Matinee on the 19th

Prices: $25 full
$22 Concession

Company Email: info@wyndhamtheatrecopany.org.au

Company Website: http://www.wyndhamtheatrecompany.org.au/

Synopsis: Life in the miniscule, sleepy Oxfordshire village of Dibley is thrown upside-down when ancient Vicar Pottle dies - and the diocese send a new-fangled female vicar, Geraldine Grainger, as his replacement.
Her arrival is met with a mixture of wonder and horror from the assorted collection of rural yokels who call Dibley home. Autocratic head of the Parish Council and local landowner David Horton is particularly appalled; when it becomes clear that Geraldine does not intend to play second fiddle, he resolves to call in any favour possible to have her removed.

Other Information: Evening performances are Cabaret style, so bring some drinks and nibbles to enjoy during the performance.

PEP Productions

17-Aug-2017 to 26-Aug-2017




Author: Donald McDonald

Director: Lorraine Millar

Company Email: pep.productions06@gmail.com

Company Website: http://pepproductions.org.au/

PEP Productions

17-Aug-2017 to 26-Aug-2017


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Author: Donald McDonald

Director: Lorraine Millar

Theatre: 679 Doncaster Rd,
Doncaster VIC 3108

Performances: Thursday 17 August 2017 – 8pm
Friday 18 August 2017 – 8pm
Saturday 19 August 2017 – 8pm
Thursday 24 August 2017 – 8pm
Friday 25 August 2017 – 8pm
Saturday August 26 2017 – 2pm & 6pm

Prices: $25

Bookings: 0418 549 187

Company Email: pep.productions06@gmail.com

Company Website: http://pepproductions.org.au/

Synopsis: Caravan takes a lighthearted look at friendship, age and holidays you should never have. Five best friends, nudging forty and hating it, take their first holiday together in a caravan. One of them brings along his new, and all-too-young girlfriend, who threatens the holiday from the start. In the confined space of a caravan, tensions rise and the laughs begin.

Other Information: Bookings can be made online at:


Strathmore Theatre Arts Group

17-Aug-2017 to 27-Aug-2017


The Female of the Species

Agent: This production has been licensed through the Australian Script Centre

Author: Joanna Murray-Smith

Director: Mark Stratford

Theatre: corner of Loeman and Napier Sts, Strathmore

Performances: 8pm Thurs to Sat
2pm Sun

Prices: $20 Full
$15 Concession

Bookings: www.stagtheatre.org 9382 6284

Company Email: stag_publicity@optusnet.com.au

Company Website: http://www.stagtheatre.org/

Synopsis: Forty years ago, Margot Mason, pioneer of the 1970s Women’s Liberation movement and fearless academ-ic, wrote her groundbreaking work The Cerebral Vagina and numerous best-sellers followed. Now she has writer’s block. Molly, an unannounced visitor and committed fan of Margot and her work, offers a potential solution—until Molly produces a gun and calmly informs Margot that she intends to kill her.
Joanna Murray-Smith’s deliciously wicked
comedy deftly walks the tightrope between satire and farce, proving the female of the species is not only deadlier, but funnier than the male.

Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre Co.Inc.

17-Aug-2017 to 02-Sep-2017

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High Society

Agent: Origin Theatrical Pty Ltd

Author: Cole Porter from the book by Arthur Kopit

Director: Alan Burrows

Theatre: 39-41 Castella Street, Lilydale.

Performances: Evening Shows: Curtain up @ 8:15pm (sherries from 7:45pm)
Matinees: Curtain up @ 2:15pm (sherries from 1:45pm)

Prices: Adults: $25 each
Concession: $23.00 each
Season Tickets: $80 per person (for 4 shows)

Bookings: 9735 1777

Company Email: a.t.c@bigpond.net.au

Company Website: http://lilydaleatc.com/

Synopsis: Tracy Lord's ex-husband, C.K. Dexter Haven, refuses to let her marry the bland George Kittredge as planned and the two reporters who arrive to cover the wedding find much more than they'd anticipated among this niche of high society. Imagine that Philip Barry had written “The Philadelphia Story,” his classic 1939 romantic comedy, not as a play but a musical, with Cole Porter as his collaborator, and you have … HIGH SOCIETY! It’s not only the show’s title but the show’s first song, in which the Lord Family’s amazing staff sets the scene (the Lord family lives on a waterfront estate in Oyster Bay now, not Philadelphia). Come join the Lords for a weekend of fun and games! If you enjoyed the movie, you’ll love the musical!

Other Information: Matinees:
Sunday 20 August
Saturday 26 August
Sunday 27 August

Brighton Theatre Co.

17-Aug-2017 to 02-Sep-2017

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The Garden Of Granddaughters

Agent: The Yellow Agency

Author: Stephen Sewell

Director: Andrew Ferguson

Theatre: Bayside Cultural Centre,
Cnr Wilson and Carpenter Sts Brighton

Performances: 8.00 pm evening performance
2.15 pm matinee

Prices: $23.00, $21.00 concession

Bookings: 1300 752 126

Company Email: enquire@brightontheatreco.com

Company Website: http://www.brightontheatreco.com/

Synopsis: Most of life's questions are evaded, avoided and ignored in this compassionate comedy.A family of many individuals coming together raises emotion and reflection — what could the parents have done better in raising their children? What is the value of our lives, whether they are devoted to child raising or creative expression? Is there any great knowledge the old can pass along the timeless chain of human existence? When Max, a world renowned Australian conductor, and his wife return unexpectedly to Melbourne from New York to visit their three daughters and three granddaughters we are introduced to three generations and all their resentment and tenderness for each other. Their three daughters, Michelle, Fay and Lisa, are in various stages of decline, success and reproduction. They are women who have chosen very different lives, but all feel "checked up on" by their parents. They are unprepared for the self-examination the visit will spark. Their granddaughters are full of hope, promise and childhood dreams.

Beaumaris Theatre Inc.

18-Aug-2017 to 02-Sep-2017

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August Osage County

Agent: Hal Leonard

Author: Tracey Letts

Director: Fred Pezzimenti

Theatre: 82 Wells Road Beaumaris

Performances: 18th August 8 pm, 19th August 8 pm, 25th August 8 pm, 26th August 8 pm, 31st August 8 pm, 1st September 8 pm, 2nd September 8 pm and Sunday 27th August at 5 pm

Prices: $27 and $24 concession

Bookings: www.beaumaristheatre.com.au

Company Email: info@beaumaristheatre.com.au

Company Website: http://www.beaumaristheatre.com.au

Synopsis: The Pulitzer Prize-winning black comedy about the dysfunctional Weston family, who are forced to come together and confront their personal demons after tragedy strikes.

The Mount Players

18-Aug-2017 to 10-Sep-2017

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The Full Monty

Agent: By Special Arrangement with Hal Leonard Aust Pty Ltd

Author: Book by Terrence McNally Music & Lyrics by David Yazbek

Director: Leo Vandervalk

Theatre: Mountview Theatre
56 Smith Street, Macedon

Performances: Evenings 8pm
Matinees 2pm

Prices: Adult $30. Conc/Child $25

Bookings: 5426 1892

Company Email: secmountplayers@gmail.com

Company Website: http://www.themountplayers.com

Synopsis: While spying on their wives at a "Girls' Night Out," a group of unemployed steelworkers from Buffalo, New York sees how much they enjoy watching male strippers. Jealous, out of work and feeling emasculated, the men come up with a bold and unclothed way to make some quick cash. In preparing, they find themselves extremely exposed; not merely physically but emotionally. As they conquer their fears, self-consciousness and prejudices, the men come to discover that they're stronger as a group, and the strength that they find in each other gives them the individual courage to "let it go."

Other Information: Set in Buffalo New York

Cathouse Players Inc.

19-Aug-2017 to 27-Aug-2017


Love Letters

Agent: Hal Leonard

Author: A.R. Gurney

Director: Bette Sartore

Theatre: Kyneton Masonic Centre
7-9 Yaldwyn Street West
Kyneton 3444

Performances: Sat 19th August 8pm Wine and Cheese
Sun 20th August 8pm High Tea
Sat 26 August 8pm Wine and Cheese
Sun 27 August 2pm High Tea

Prices: $25/$20

Bookings: 0490 485 850 trybooking.com/QCXL

Company Email: cathouseplayerskyneton@gmail.com

Company Website: http://www.cathouseplayers.com.au/

Synopsis: Beginning as a tentative, words-on-paper friendship between Melissa Gardiner and Andrew Makepeace Ladd III, (two New England 3rd-graders), playwright A.R. GURNEY'S LOVE LETTERS is a celebration of language, through hand-written notes, letters and cards, during Melissa and Andy's personal journey, spanning 50 years, from boarding school, college, careers, marriages, families, and beyond.

Words fly off the pages, then are read aloud. Andy's inherent, eminent respectability is a counterpoint to Melissa's quirky but underlying fragility. Personal confidences are shared, encompassing love, longing, tenderness, shared nostalgia, revealing so much from what is written, and what is left unsaid, but with an inability or unwillingness to reveal their true feelings.

Malvern Theatre Company Inc.

25-Aug-2017 to 09-Sep-2017

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Author: Noel Coward

Director: Horrie Leek

Theatre: 29 Burke Road, East Malvern

Performances: Evenings 8.15 pm. Matinees 2.00 pm

Prices: Single $22.00 – Groups(10 or more) $20.00 per person.

Bookings: 1300 131 552 or on-line

Company Email: home@malverntheatre.com.au

Company Website: http://www.malverntheatre.com.au

Synopsis: Brief Encounter - A bitter sweet love story of two strangers who meet, by chance, on a railway station and who develop a doomed relationship over the course of several months. Running parallel with their story, we witness the more colourful exchanges of the railway staff and other travellers.

We Were Dancing - Coward at his wittiest in this light hearted slice of life in a far flung outpost of the British Empire. Again, involving a passionate love at first meeting. This time involving a flirtatious colonial wife and a handsome stranger. Will they or won't they?