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The 1812 Theatre

08-Oct-2014 to 01-Nov-2014


The Guy's

Agent: Hal Leonard

Author: Anne Nelson

Director: Christine Grant

Theatre: 3-5 Rose Street
Upper Ferntree Gully 3156

Melways Reference: 74 F6

Performances: Evenings 8pm. Matinees 4pm

Prices: $27

Bookings: 03 9758 3964

Company Email: admin@1812theatre.com.au

Company Website: http://www.1812theatre.com.au

Synopsis: Less than two weeks after the September 11th attacks, New Yorkers are still in shock. One of them, an editor named Joan, receives an unexpected phone call on behalf of Nick, a fire captain who has lost most of his men in the attack. He's looking for a writer to help him with the eulogies he must present at their memorial services. Nick and Joan spend a long afternoon together, recalling the fallen men through recounting their virtues and their foibles. In the process, Nick and Joan discover the possibilities of friendship in each other and their shared love for the unconquerable spirit of the city.


Swan Hill Theatre Group Co-op.Ltd

22-Oct-2014 to 02-Nov-2014



The Whistle blower

Author: Andrew Kelly

Director: Andrew Kelly

Theatre: 47 McCrae st Swan Hill

Performances: 7.30pm or 2.00pm for mattinees

Prices: Ad $20 Sen $18 Student $15

Bookings: 03 50362444

Company Email: murphy.elaine.t@edumail.vic.gov.au

Company Website: http://swanhilltheatregroup.com.au/


24-Oct-2014 to 01-Nov-2014

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Stepping Out

Agent: C/- Jeanette Teague, Ticket Secretary

Author: Richard Harris

Director: Annette O\'Shea

Theatre: Yallourn North Hall.
Reserve Street,
Yallourn North, 3825.

Performances: Fri 24th, Sat 25th, Thurs 30th, Fri 31st October and Sat 1st November at 8 pm, Sun 26th October at 2 pm.

Prices: $22 concession including groups 10+
$28 full price

Bookings: 0438 579 987 or 5127 6514

Company Website: http://www.moartz.com/

Synopsis: Set in London, the story follows the lives of the members of an amateur tap class. Each attending for their own reasons, The play is a wonderfully endearing tale of how determination, friendship and camaraderie can shape even the most bashful into proud performers.

Mavis, a professional dancer who didn’t quite make it past the chorus line, now runs her own class in the local village hall for anyone in the area. A mixed, and otherwise incompatible, group of seven women and one man meet weekly for their tap-dancing class in a dingy London church hall. Each struggling to conquer either their inhibitions or dance technique, or both!

Then the day comes when Mavis breaks the news to the group that they have been invited to perform in front of an audience for a big charity concert.

With varying degrees of talent and determination we see how each class member copes with the challenge…but with only a few weeks to learn an impressive tap routine, will they do it in time? Can they make it? Or will they all, literally, fall flat on their faces?

Other Information: Arrive a half hour before each performance time for complimentary refreshments.

Malvern Theatre Company Inc.

31-Oct-2014 to 15-Nov-2014

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Agent: Playscripts Inc., New York

Author: Adapted by William McNulty

Director: Nicholas Opolski

Theatre: 29 Burke Road, East Malvern

Performances: Tuesdays to Saturdays at 8:15 pm
Matinees: Saturday 1st November and Sunday 9th November at 2:00 pm.
Gala Night: Saturday 8th November at 8:15 pm.

Prices: $20.00 (No Concessions).
Groups (10 or more): $18.00 per person.
Gala Night: $5.00 extra per person.

Bookings: 1300 131 552

Company Email: malverntheatrecompany@gmail.com

Company Website: https://www.malverntheatre.com.au

Synopsis: William McNulty’s version of Dracula is a very straightforward adaptation of Bram’s 1897 novel except that Mina and Lucy are switched. The play uses flashbacks to provide background to characters that had been previously attacked by Dracula. Professor Van Helsing and his brave comrades must hunt down and destroy the profoundly evil Count. But Dracula is exceedingly resourceful, employing superhuman strength, psychic powers, and shape-changing to confound and frustrate his antagonists. Culminating in a wild and shocking confrontation between the King of Vampires and those who would rid the world of him, this adaptation is an action-packed retelling of Bram Stoker’s classic tale of horror.

Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre Co.Inc.

05-Nov-2014 to 22-Nov-2014


Fawlty Towers

Agent: Origin Theatrical Pty Ltd

Author: John Cleese and Connie Booth

Director: Kevin Trask

Theatre: 39-41 Castella Street
(PO Box 393, Lilydale, 3140)

Performances: Evening Performances:
8:15pm Curtain Up; Sherries from 7:45pm
Sunday Matinees:
2:30pm Curtain Up; Sherries from 2:00pm

Prices: Adults: $25 per person
Concession: $23 per person\
Groups of 10 or more: $20 per person

Bookings: 975 1777

Company Email: a.t.c@bigpond.net.au

Company Website: http://lilydaleatc.com/

Synopsis: Fawlty Towers is the best-loved bad hotel in the world and here we meet the snobbish, manic Basil; his over-coiffured domineering wife, Sybil; the hopeless but ever-hopeful waiter Manuel; the calm and capable Polly - and of course the steady stream of abused guests.

Other Information: Pre-show sherries, after show supper and wine, tea/coffee at interval and a programme all included in the price.

Mooroolbark Theatre Group

06-Nov-2014 to 15-Nov-2014


"But Why Bump Off Barnaby"

Agent: Origin Theatrical

Author: Rick Abbot

Director: Arline Myers

Theatre: Mooroolbark Community Centre
125 Brice Avenue
VIC 3138

Melways Reference: 37 H 12

Performances: 7.30 pm for 8.00 Curtain up

Prices: $16 ($14 conc.) Special group rates on application.
Prices include entry, programme, sherry on arrival, plus tea/coffee/soft drink & cake at interval. BYO licence.

Bookings: 03 9726 4282

Company Email: mooroolbark_theatre_group@optusnet.com.au

Company Website: http://www.mtg.org.au/

Synopsis: This very funny show poses a fascinating mystery. When Barnaby Folcey is murdered at a family gathering at Marlgate Manor, it transpires that he had a motive to murder everybody else but no one had a reason to want him dead. While dying, he scrawled the letters "b- a-r," which can implicate everyone. While the bizarre group frantically tries to unmask the murderer, people vanish, poison is found in the sherry and the police take forever to arrive. Meanwhile, there's a secret treasure to be found, a mystifying limerick to decode and all sorts of doom to be avoided before the killer is finally unmasked and destroyed using one of the funniest methods ever seen on a stage.

Other Information: See web site: http://tinyurl.com/7u4fn for more information.
Venue is wheelchair friendly.
MTG now in 36th year.

Powderkeg Players

07-Nov-2014 to 16-Nov-2014

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Roald Dahl's Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Author: Roald Dahl

Director: Gemma Francis

Theatre: 82 Phoenix Street, North Sunshine

Performances: Friday November 7, 7pm
Saturday November 8, 3pm
Sunday November 9, 3pm
Saturday November 15, 3pm
Sunday November 16, 3pm

Prices: $15 all inclusive (kids under 6 free)

Bookings: 0407802165

Company Email: powderkegplayers@gmail.com

Company Website: https://powderkegplayers.com/

Synopsis: The story revolves around a poor young boy named Charlie Bucket born to a penniless, starving family. When Charlie wins a golden ticket to tour the Chocolate factory of Willy Wonka, all his dreams have come might have come true.
This classic enduring story is brought to life by a cast of children for our end of year production

Mordialloc Theatre Co. Inc.

07-Nov-2014 to 22-Nov-2014

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Bullshot Crummond

Author: Ron House, Diz White, Alan Shearman, John Neville-Andrew & Derek Cunningham

Director: Jeff Saliba

Theatre: Shirley Burke Theatre
64 Parkers Road

Performances: Evenings: 8 pm
Sunday matinees: 2.30 pm

Prices: Adults: $24.00
Concessions: $22.00
Groups & Children: $18.00

Bookings: 9587 5141 or online at www.mordialloctheatre.com

Company Email: mordialloctheatre@gmail.com

Company Website: http://www.mordialloctheatre.com

Synopsis: Teutonic villain Otto Von Brunno and his evil mistress Lenya crash their plane in the English countryside and kidnap Professor Fenton, who has
discovered a formula for making synthetic diamonds.

Bullshot Crummond is called to the rescue by the professor’s daughter Rosemary. The two then pursue the dastardly villains across the English countryside.

BULLSHOT CRUMMOND is a fun and funny parody of low-budget 30’s detective movies that typify British heroism at its dumbest, in particular
British pulp hero Bulldog Drummond.

The Basin Theatre Group

07-Nov-2014 to 29-Nov-2014

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My Three Angels

Agent: by arrangement with Origin Theatrical
on behalf of Samuel Frneench Ltd.

Author: Sam & Bella Spewack

Director: Susan Carty

Theatre: Doongalla Road, The Basin. Vic

Melways Reference: Melways Map 66 Ref. A6

Performances: All performances 8pm except Sunday matinees at 2pm

Prices: Prices: All tickets $25
Groups of 10 or more $20.
Ticket price includes complimentary parking, programme, sherries before, tea/coffee and biscuits at interval, and wine, fruit juice and supper with the cast at the end of the show.

Bookings: 1300 784 668 (between 7pm and 9pm only) Online bookings: http://www.thebasintheatre.org.au

Company Email: subscriptions@thebasintheatre.org.au

Company Website: http://www.thebasintheatre.org.au

Synopsis: Set in French Guiana in 1910, the story tells of a shopkeeper, his wife and daughter and the three convicts who have been employed to repair the roof. To add to the family's troubles, we have an evil-minded cousin, set to oust the father from his business and his cold-blooded nephew who is jilting his daughter for an heiress.
How things are resolved and who does what, makes this a delightful end of the year story.

Other Information: Company Website: http://www.thebasintheatre.org.au

Torquay Theatre Troupe

13-Nov-2014 to 22-Nov-2014



Author: Louis Nowra

Director: Michael Baker

Theatre: 16 Price St

Performances: November 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22 at 8.00pm
November 16 at 2.00pm

Prices: Adult $20
Concession $17

Bookings: 5261 3335

Company Website: http://www.ttt.org.au/

Strathmore Theatre Arts Group

13-Nov-2014 to 23-Nov-2014


And This Was Odd

Agent: Hal Leonard

Author: Kenneth Horne

Director: Mel De Bono

Theatre: cnr of Loeman and Napier Sts., Strathmore

Performances: 8pm Thurs to Sat
2pm Sun

Prices: $20 Adult
$15 Concession

Bookings: 9382 6284

Company Email: stag_publicity@optusnet.com.au

Company Website: http://www.stagtheatre.org/

Synopsis: The plot of this unusual comedy centres around a mother’s astonishing discovery that the effect of a prescribed sleeping draught is to make her mind and spirit slip away from her body.

She used this ‘gift’ to solve many of her family problems and at the same time provide herself with a little harmless fun..

Other Information: To conclude our 60th Anniversary season, we return to the play that started it all for STAG...our very first production from 1954!

Eltham Little Theatre Inc.

13-Nov-2014 to 29-Nov-2014


Murdered to death

Agent: Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd

Author: Peter Gordon

Director: Carol Owen

Theatre: Eltham Performing Arts Centre
1603 Main Road, Research 3095

Melways Reference: 22H1

Performances: Evening performances at 8pm
Thursday 13, 20 and 27 November
Friday 14, 21 and 28 November
Saturday 15, 22 and 29 November

Prices: $22.50

Company Email: elthamlittletheatre@gmail.com

Company Website: http://www.elthamlittletheatre.org.au

Synopsis: Introducing the inept and bungling Inspector Pratt, who battles against the odds and his own incompetence to solve the murder of the house’s owner. It soon becomes clear that the murderer isn’t finished yet; will the miscreant be unmasked before everyone else has met their doom or will the audience die laughing first?

Other Information: Bookings online at www.elthamlittletheatre.org.au
Enquiries 0411 713 095

Table seating. Individuals and groups of up to six per table welcome. BYO food and drink.
Don't worry if you don't have a full table

Brighton Theatre Co.

13-Nov-2014 to 29-Nov-2014

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Bloody Murder

Agent: ORiGiN™ Theatrical, Exclusive Representative of The Dramatic Publishing Company of Woodstock, Illinois

Author: Ed Sala

Director: Andrew McMillan

Theatre: Brighton Arts & Cultural Centre
Cnr Wilson & Carpenter Sts

Melways Reference: 67 F10

Performances: Evening - Wednesday-Saturday 8.00pm
Matinee - Saturday 22nd Nov 2.15pm
Matinee - Sunday 16 Nov & 23 Nov 2.15pm

Prices: Adult $23
Concession $21

Bookings: 1300 752 126 or online www.brightontheatreco.com

Company Email: enquire@brightontheatreco.com

Company Website: http://www.brightontheatreco.com/

Synopsis: A group of the usual British murder mystery types
gather for a weekend retreat at the sumptuous country estate of the esteemed Lady Somerset. There’s the major who served in India; the inebriated, failing actor; the innocent ingénue; the exotic lady in red; the mysterious Chinese gentleman; the rich dowager aunt accompanied by her faithful maid and worthless nephew. Suddenly one of them dies of poison. Well, of course! But wait... Her Ladyship refuses to summon the
police! She says she won’t go through all this again.
All what again? And why were they all invited here in the first place? Is this actually just another all-too predictable mystery? Or is it something diabolically...different? Agatha Christie meets Pirandello as characters rebel against their author.

Peridot Theatre Inc.

14-Nov-2014 to 29-Nov-2014


"Key for Two"

Agent: Origin Theatrical on behalf of Samuel French

Author: John Chapman and Dave Freeman

Director: Bob Bramble

Theatre: Unicorn Theatre
Mt Waverley Secondary College
Lechte Road
Mt Waverley

Melways Reference: 61 F11

Performances: Matinees 2.15pm (16 & 22 November)
Twilight 4.00pm (23 November)
Evenings 8.00pm

Prices: Adults $25.00
Concession $22.00

Bookings: 9898.9090 (10.00am - 3.00pm Monday-Friday) During Performance (10.00am - 3.00pm Saturday)

Company Email: tickets@peridot.com.au

Company Website: http://www.peridot.com.au

Synopsis: Harriet, a divorcee living in an elegant flat in Brighton, solves her financial problems by entertaining two married gentleman callers on different days of the week. Each man thinks he is the only one in Harriet's life and she orchestrates their comings and goings with elegant artistry. The scheme faces collapse when her friend Anne, whose marriage is failing, arrives at the flat hotly pursued by her husband. The confusion that ensues builds to a rich complexity of mistaken identity, splendidly farcical situations and a climax of comic wizardry.

Beaumaris Theatre Inc.

14-Nov-2014 to 29-Nov-2014


The 39 Steps

Agent: ORiGiN Theatrical

Author: John Buchan, Alfred Hitchcock. Adapted by Patrick Barlow from an original concept by Simon Corble and Nobby Dimon

Director: Neil Barnett

Theatre: 82 Wells Rd Beaumaris

Melways Reference: 86G6

Performances: November 14th, 15th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 27th, 28th, 29th 8pm and Sunday 23rd November 5pm

Prices: $25 adults $22 Concession

Bookings: www.beaumaristheatre.com.au Phone- 95836896

Company Email: info@beaumaristheatre.com.au

Company Website: http://www.beaumaristheatre.com.au

Synopsis: The 39 Steps is a melodrama adapted from the 1915 novel by John Buchan and the 1935 film by Alfred Hitchcock. The original concept and production of a four-actor version of the story was by Simon Corble and Nobby Dimon. Patrick Barlow rewrote this adaptation in 2005.

The 39 Steps is performed with by a cast of four. Richard Hannay, Pamela and his other romantic entanglements, and two other actors play every other character in the show: heroes, villains, men, women, children and even the occasional inanimate object. Thus the film's serious spy story is played for laughs, and the script is full of allusions and puns.

Sherbrooke Theatre Co. Inc.

14-Nov-2014 to 29-Nov-2014


Stepping Out

Agent: ORiGiN Theatrical on behalf of Samuel French LTD

Author: Richard Haris

Director: Loretta Bishop

Theatre: Doncaster Playhouse
679 Doncaster Road
Doncaster, 3109

Melways Reference: 47 E1

Performances: 8.15pm
5.15pm (Twilight)

Prices: $25
$23 (Concession)

Bookings: 1300 650 209

Company Email: barbers@iinet.net.au

Company Website: http://www.sherbrooketc.org.au/

Synopsis: Stepping Out is a warm and very funny play about the lives of a group of women ( and one man) attending a weekly tap-dance class in a dingy North London church hall. As the play progresses, the class's dancing improves to such an extent that by the climax, a grand charity show performance, they have been transformed into triumphant tappers, worthy of any chorus line.

Williamstown Little Theatre Inc.

20-Nov-2014 to 06-Dec-2014

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The Kitchen Sink

Agent: Dominie Drama on behalf of Nick Hern Books

Author: Tom Wells

Director: Lois Collinder

Theatre: 2 Albert Street
Williamstown 3016

Melways Reference: 56 B7

Performances: Tues-Sat 8.15 pm; Sun 5 pm

Prices: $25/$22

Bookings: wlt.org.au or 9885 9678

Company Email: secretary@wlt.org.au

Company Website: http://www.wlt.org.au/

Synopsis: Pieces are falling off Martin’s milk float, he’s losing customers and something’s up with Kath’s kitchen sink. Billy’s pinning his hopes of art college on a portrait of Dolly Parton, whilst Sophie’s dreams of being a Jiu-Jitsu teacher are disappearing down the plug hole. Amid the dreaming, dramas and dirty dishes, something has to give: will it be Kath or the kitchen sink? This irresistibly funny and tender play about big dreams and small changes follows its characters through a year, exploring people’s capacity to change in small and unforeseen ways.

Heidelberg Theatre Co.

20-Nov-2014 to 06-Dec-2014

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True Minds

Author: Joanna Murray-Smith

Director: Natasha Boyd

Theatre: 36 Turnham Ave Rosanna

Melways Reference: 32A1

Performances: Thu to Sat at 8pm, Sun at 2pm

Prices: Adult $25 ($22 Conc, $20 Groups 10+)

Bookings: htc.org.au or 94574117

Company Email: htc@htc.org.au

Company Website: http://www.htc.org.au

Synopsis: Being introduced to your future mother-in-law is an anxious time for any young woman, so the last thing Daisy needs is her own leftish parents turning up uninvited - ditto her alcoholic ex-boyfriend. 'True Minds' is not only an hilarious battle of the sexes and of political polarities, but an exploration of the triumph of modern love.

With her needle-sharp social observations and her distinctive wit, this is the most glittering comedy to date from Australian playwright
Joanna Murray-Smith. Heidelberg Theatre Company is honoured to present this first non-professional production of 'True Minds'.

Other Information: Australian Non-professional premiere.

The 1812 Theatre

20-Nov-2014 to 13-Dec-2014


Over The River and Through The Woods

Agent: Dramatist Play Services

Author: Joe Dipietro

Director: Dexter Bourke

Theatre: 3-5 Rose Street
Upper Ferntree Gully 3156

Melways Reference: 74 F6

Performances: Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat,8pm
Sunday Matinee (23rd & 30th) 4pm

Prices: $27.00

Bookings: 9758 3964

Company Email: admin@1812theatre.com.au

Company Website: http://www.1812theatre.com.au

Synopsis: Every Sunday when Nick and his two sets of doting Italian-
American grandparents get together for dinner, there is plenty of
food and of course, advice. "Find a nice girl and get married!"
It is 1984, the year of VCRs, answering machines and Trivial
Pursuit. On one such Sunday Nick announces that after 29 years of
Sunday dinners he has received a promotion and is moving across
the country to Seattle. The news doesn’t go down well. So his loving
grandparents devise a plan to keep him from moving.
This is a poignant and heart warming tale of the importance of
family and the relationships that define us. You'll laugh, you'll cry,
and you’ll be touched by the warmth of this beautiful human story.

Cathouse Players Inc.

21-Nov-2014 to 29-Nov-2014



Agent: Origin Theatrical on behalf of Samuel French Ltd

Author: Authors - various - please see listed below


Theatre: MASONIC HALL : 7 - 9 Yaldwyn Street West, KYNETON

Melways Reference: Map X909 F8

Performances: Evenings 8pm
Matinee 2pm

Prices: Adult $25
Concession $20
Gala Night $30 - includes post-performance refreshments and supper with cast and crew

Bookings: 0448 371 623 online: www.trybooking.com/GAHC

Company Email: cathouseplayerskyneton@gmail.com

Company Website: http://www.cathouseplayers.com.au/

Synopsis: Glimpses of life from the UK to the USA.
Four Award-winning short plays - "Not My Cup of Tea" by Albert Griff. "Penguin Blues" by Ethan Philips. "New York Minute" by Michele Palermo. "A Little Something for the Ducks" by Jean Lenox Toddie.
Plus a special preview of 3 lovely pieces for our Playbill for 2015.

Other Information: Having bid a reluctant farewell to Chewton, Cathouse Players look forward to welcoming our loyal patrons & new audiences to Kyneton for our November Season.
In two special fund-raisers, Cathouse Players are proud to support Windarring and The Friends of the Bluestone Theatre.

Geelong Repertory Theatre Co.

21-Nov-2014 to 06-Dec-2014

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The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)

Agent: Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd, on behalf of Paradigm, New York.

Author: Adam Long, Daniel Singer and Jess Winfield,

Director: Geoff Gaskill

Theatre: Woodbin Theatre
15 Coronation Street
Geelong West
VIC 3218

Melways Reference: 401 C 3

Performances: Thursday, Friday and Saturday 8pm
Sunday 2pm

Prices: Adult $25

Bookings: 5225 1200

Company Email: geelong.repertory@gmail.com

Company Website: http://www.geelongrep.com/

Synopsis: Who’s afraid by William Shakespeare? We aren’t. We are going to make Big Willy memorable as short and funny. This is a romp through all thirty seven of Shakespeare’s plays and aims to out-Python Monty. A small number of brave actors will brazenly blend the best of Shakespeare with the bottom of the absurdity barrel.

Frankston Theatre Group Inc.

21-Nov-2014 to 07-Dec-2014

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Whose Wives Are They Anyway?

Author: Michael Parker

Director: Ray Reid

Theatre: Mt Eliza Community Centre, Canadian Bay Road Mt Eliza.

Performances: Fri 21 Nov, Sat 22 Nov at 8PM
Fri 28 Nov, Sat 29 Nov at 8PM
Fri 5 Dec, Sat6 Dec at 8PM
Matinees Sun 30th Nov, 7th Dec at 2PM.

Bookings: 1300 665 377

Company Email: secretary@frankstontheatregroup.org.au

Company Website: http://www.frankstontheatregroup.org.au

Synopsis: When John Baker and David McGachen decide to take a weekend vacation from their duties at Ashley-Maureen Cosmetics, they send their wives to New York to shop, and they head for the Oakfield Country Club fot two days of uninterrupted golfing.
The happily married men have absolutely no hanky-panky planned. All they want to do is golf till they drop, and return to their respective beds for a sound nights sleep. Everything is going wonderfully well until they meet D. L. Hutchinson.

Other Information: Cabaret Style - BYO Drinks and Nibbles

Essendon Theatre Co.

27-Nov-2014 to 06-Dec-2014


The Faculty Room

Agent: Origin Theatrical on behalf of Samuel French

Author: Bridget Carpenter

Director: Travis Handcock

Theatre: Essendon Theatre Company
Bradshaw St Community Hall
9 Bradshaw St (Enter off Buckley St)
Essendon VIC 3040

Performances: Thursday 27 - 30 November and Thursday 4 - Saturday 6 December 2014
Thursday - Saturday performance at 8pm
Sunday Matinee at 2pm

Prices: $20 Adult
$18 Concession

Bookings: Phone/SMS 0422 029 483 or at www.essendontheatrecompany.com

Company Email: essendontheatrecompany@gmail.com

Company Website: http://www.essendontheatrecompany.com.au

Synopsis: The Faculty Room reveals what really goes on inside the staffroom of Madison Feury High. This black comedy follows Carver, the new World History teacher, and his struggle to make the school a better place. However, English teacher Adam and Drama teacher Zoe, seem to have all but given up on both the school and life itself. Stuck in a town that has not much more than a taco shop, the teachers are spiralling out of control while the school spirals with them. An hilarious and truly twisted view on how messed up the relationships between students and teachers can get, The Faculty Room hurtles through themes of desperate longing, hate, love, guns, drugs and spiritual fanaticism. Home education, anyone?